How to Remove Urine Stains from Hardwood Floors

You recently purchased a used house at an affordable price; however, when you go about decorating it you discover that the hardwood floors have urine stains on it. Well you have never dealt with urine stains before. This article will be a guide for you as to how you can get rid of such stains using products and ingredients that are easy to use and are easily available either at your home or in a nearby super store. You can adopt any one of the following methods depending upon the Urine Stain.

Method 1 (Using Electric Sander)

This method can be used for All Kinds of Urine Stains.

Things you will be required:

·      Electric sander.
·      Stain sealer.


1.   If you already have an electric sander then well in good otherwise you can rent an electric sander to be used for a day or two. Renting will be a cheap option for you.

2.   Use electric sander on the stained area.

3.   After, the stain has been removed you can the stain area with a stain sealer that you can purchase from a market or nearby store.

4.   Your hard floor will be clean and tidy.

Method 2 (Using Hydrogen Peroxide)

This method is suitable for Dog Urine Stains but can also be used for others.

Things you will be required:

·      Hydrogen peroxide.
·      Big and old rag.


1.   The first step involves, that you soak the rag in hydrogen peroxide, allow it to soak it for no more than ten minutes. Mae sure that rag is fully saturated. And choose the size of the rag according to the size of stain. If size not available you can also use towel.

2.   Before the rag gets dried up, place the rag on the Urine Stain that is over the hardwood floor. Allow it to dry up. After which you can pick up the rag, you will see that the urine will be soaked up in the rag and that is what you are looking for. You have to repeat the above mentioned process many times so that you can get rid of the stain completely.

Method 3 (Using Oxalic Acid Stains)

This method is suitable for fresh Cat Urine Stains but can also be used for other fresh Urine Stains. This method is not suitable for old Urine Stains.

Things you will be required:

·      Oxalic acid.
·      Sanding materials.
·      Contact people to refurnish your hard wood floor.
·      Paper towels.


1.   If the Urine Stain is new and very light then you may use oxalic acid on the stain, add it or pour it on the stain area. Allow it spread for almost twenty minutes.

2.   Lay some paper towels on it for ten minutes and then pick them up. You will see that urine will be soaked in the paper towels.

3.   However, if the stain is old and you noticed it after some days then you need to do sanding and refurnishing of the hard wood floor. For this you may contact any service providers either via net or with some friend who have experienced a similar problem.

Method 4 (Consulting hardwood Repairers)

This method is suitable for Dark Urine Stains which are not easily removable or you are hesitant to remove the stains by yourself.

Things you will be required:

·      Hardwood repairers.
·      Money.
·      Time.


1.   Well if you are ready to spare your savings in refurnishing, decorating and removing terrible stains from your house then you have to spend some money on it.

2.   Firstly, you will have to contact hardwood repairers and let them examine the stain properly. After examining they will refurnish your hard wood flooring. It will take few days before your floor will be new and all ready to be used again.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   The key to removing any stain is to remove it as soon as possible.

2.   Method two is not suitable for old stains.

3.   Remember that method two will do no harm to your floor as it is a tries and tested method.

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