How to remove Oil Stains from paper

 You might be thinking as to why do one need to remove oil stain from paper, as one can simply buy a new paper which is really cheap and one can easily dispose a paper that has a stain on it. However, imagine a situation that you have some really important documents that you have to present next day to your boss, however, you mistakenly drop some oil on it while cooking. You are really tensed about it.

However, such stains are a common problem for many people. People have been experimenting many ways to remove such stain; some have been successful whilst some failed. The trick is to choose best materials and smart technique of removing such technique. You can adopt anyone of the following methods for the removal of Oil stains from paper. .

Method 1 (Using Powdered Pipe Clay)

Things you will be required:

·      Container.
·      Bucket if no container.
·      Water.
·      Powdered pipe clay
·      Paper towels.
·      Tissue papers.

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   First of all, you have to add some water in a container. If you do not have a container you can also use a bucket in which you can add as much water as you need.

2.   After that you have to make a solution by mixing powdered pipe clay in the container of water.

3.   Make sure that the solution is made properly and is not too liquid or too thick that it become ineffective or totally destroy the paper which may lead to wastage of resources. The mixture should be creamy.

4.   After that you have to spread the mixture where ever the oil stain is and spread it evenly.

5.   Then leave the mixture applied on to the stain for five hours, no less than that and no more than that.

6.   After that you have to use paper towels or tissues to wipe the mixture.

7.   Then leave the paper to dry and gain strength for at least one whole day before you use it again for further usage. If this method does not work or you do not have the required ingredients, then follow the methods written below.

Method 2 (Using Corn Meal)

Things you will be required:

·      Finely grounded corn meal.
·      Soft brush for scrubbing and removing carefully.
·      Brown paper bags.
·      Gloves.

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   Apply some of the well-grounded corn meal on the area of the paper that has a stain on it.

2.   Leave the corn meal applied on for thirty whole minutes, no less no more.

3.   After thirty minutes scrub the corn meal off into the paper bag with the help of a soft scrubbing brush.

4.   If the stain still appears make sure to start the entire process from start.

5.   Keep doing it until the stain has been removed, making sure gloves are worn when applying solution onto the stain area.

Method 3 (Using Absorbent Paper and Alcohol)

Things you will be required:

·      Absorbent paper.
·      Iron.
·      Alcohol.
·      Pieces of cloth.

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   First of all, you have to carefully put absorbent paper over the paper that has a stain on it.

2.   Make sure that the paper has absorbed as much oil as it can.

3.   Then carefully remove the paper.

4.   After that clean the remaining parts of oil with pieces of cloth.

5.   Pour some alcohol on pieces of cloth.

6.   Then wipe the paper with pieces of cloth.

7.   The stain will be removed.

Method 4 (Using Flour)

Things you will be required:

·      Flour
·      Tissue papers.
·      Soft scrubbing brush.

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   Put some dry tissues on the paper that has a stain on it.

2.   Then add some flour on the stain making sure to remove the tissues.

3.   Put the flour applied on for thirty minutes.

4.   Then remove the flour with scrubbing brush.

5.   The stain will be removed, if not repeat the entire process again.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   Handle the paper carefully by placing it on table when applying solution to it.

2.   If the oil stain is on a large area make sure that you make separately different solutions as it will lead to effective results.

3.   Wear gloves when applying powdered pipe clay and also when applying corn meal.
4.   Dispose of paper towels after use.

5.   There is no guarantee with corn meal that the oil will be removed hundred percent.

6.   Make sure not to add excess flour.

7.   Do not use the flour for another purpose, simply dispose it off.