How to Remove Urine Stains from Carpet

Urine stains on carpet are the toughest stains that you have to deal with. Urine Stains are important to remove because they make a room look messy as well as smelly, and you really do not want your guests to sit in a room that has a carpet full of stains on it with smell of your pet's urine such as cat urine and dog urine coming from it. You may have given full training to your pets but often it happens that these pets become lazy and it is when they forget all their training. Often a cat may make your carpet messy just to catch your attention when you are not giving it the full attention; it is in the nature of the cats you can't help it.

You might be thinking as to what really is the solution then. Well the solution that we propose is that you simply treat the stain. Treating stains is not as difficult as it sounds. Instead you have to make it interesting by involving your kids so that they help you with music at your back so that you enjoy the whole procedure. These articles will deal in removing pet stains in general, cat urine stains and dog urine stains in particular. The reason why cat and dog urine stains are being dealt with is that because these pets almost all of you possess.

Method 1 (for All Pet Urine Stains)

Pets tend to be annoying when they cause a urine stain on the carpet. Be it a pet of any kind, carpet is a cozy place for them and they forget that they are not supposing pee on it. Pet urine stains can be removed by following below mentioned steps which are tried and tested.

Things you will be required:

·      Wet vacuum, it can be purchased from super store or any departmental stores nearby your house.
·      Spot remover of any brand will work.
·      Detergent or cleaning agent of any kind will work in removing pet urine stains.


1.   Before you go on treating the main stain, your first step should be to use a wet vacuum to extract any excess urine that is on the carpet. To extract the liquid you can also use spot remover for this case.

2.   Once the excess liquid has been removed you can use a cleaning agent to remove the stain. Detergents can be used for this purpose.

3.   Give a good wash to the stain with plain room temperature water and then extract the water out with the help of wet vacuum.

4.   The stain will eventually be removed. Wet vacuum can do wonders.

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Method 2 (for Cat Urine Stains)

You were carrying your cat in your car for a vaccination at vet; however the cat was so terrified that she made your car carpet all messy with her urine. It is just one carpet and because of just that you can’t go to car cleaners. Similarly a cat can do this on your room Carpet. It is better that you remove the stain at your home only with easy method mentioned below. You can also use this method for other Urine Stains.

Things you will be required:

·      Black light.
·      Painters tape.
·      Paper towels.
·      Pet stain removing product.
·      A stone for putting weight on towels.


1.   First of all you have to locate the stain with the help of black stain. The benefit of black light is that it helps the urine stain to fluoresce. You can purchase it from any pet store in your locality or you can even purchase it from online store.

2.   For the black light to do it job, make sure you darken your room where there is urine. Obviously, you have a big carpet and you cannot figure out as to which carpet areas have stain on it. Hold your black light few inches away from the stain area. So finally you will be able to figure out the Cat Urine Stains.

3.   So a smart thing to do will be to outline the stained area which you have to treat. You can use a painter's tape to outline the area and the stain so you can perform your job well.

4.   Now it’s time to treat the stain. To treat the stain, you will have to brighten your room again. So if the stain is fresh and there is a puddle full of urine, soak as much urine as you see with paper towels. Make sure you do blotting rather than pressing really hard with the paper towels. Blotting technique is the best tried and tested technique.

5.   Use a pet urine remover on the stain. You can purchase any of the product but it will be better if your purchase one that neutralizes urine odor as well. Using a normal detergent for this purpose will not do the job as urine stains do not come out with normal detergent very easily.

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Method 3 (for Dog Urine Stains)

Most of the time tour dog keeps sitting on your carpet and this leads to Urine Stains. You can also use this method for other Urine Stains.

Things you will be required:

·      Black light.
·      White vinegar.
·      Water.
·      Paper towels.
·      Scrubbing brush.
·      Baking soda.
·      Half a cup of hydrogen peroxide.
·      One tea spoon of laundry or dish washing detergent.
·      Vacuum.


1.   If the stain has been dried and is quite old then in that case you should use black light to figure where exactly as to the stain lies, as it is mentioned in method 2. Moreover with dog stains the best thing of figuring it is the odor that it produces. There is a very strong smell and you can figure out really well.

2.   Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in water and mix it well. Then apply the solution on the stain area. Keep it applied on for almost five to fifteen minutes depending on how deep the stain is.

3.   With the help of scrubbing brush, you should scrub the stain for five whole minutes. Wipe it out once scrubbing is done with the help of paper towels.

4.   Sprinkle or pour baking soda on the stained area.

5.   Mix half hydrogen peroxide into one teaspoon of dish washing or laundry detergent. Then apply it over the baking soda that you already applied on the carpet. Massage the solution on the carpet with your fingertips as finger tips can do job pretty much better.

6.   Vacuum the area to dry the carpet up.

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Tips and Warnings:

1.   Your first step should never be to wipe the urine with the stack of paper towels as it can set the stains more.

2.   Do not use any cleaners that have ammonia in it. Cat is attracted to its smell; ammonia smell is similar to cat urine smell so better if you avoid ammonia.

3.   It is very important that you wear gloves when cleaning the stain.

4.   Pour some very strong smell on the carpet through which the pets will never come on the carpet again.

5.   Avoid using steam cleaner on the carpet as it can set the stain to permanent because of intense heat that I produce.

6.   Make sure to pour some anti-bacteria spray on that area because of the number of the days urine was in there, so it is very important to take all precautionary measures.

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