How to Remove Lipstick Stains From Clothes

Lipstick stains can get on all types of clothes. Such stains are very common for example in summers in intense heat one can wipe her face with her sleeves mistakenly putting lipstick stains on clothes. Other times when you are taking your clothes off when you haven't yet taken your lipstick off then in that case there are maximum chances that the lipstick stain can get on your clothes.

In other cases you have small kids at your home and they are so naughty that they try all your expensive liquids on your clothes making a mess out of them. Obviously, you cannot blame your little kids for playing with your lipstick, what you can do is to try to remove such stains by implementing various methods and techniques. You can adopt anyone of the following methods for the removal of Lipstick Stains from Clothes.

Method 1 (Using Shaving Cream)

Things you will be required:

·      Shaving cream that is kept at your home, any company's shaving cream will work.
·      Few pieces of small cotton balls.
·      Club soda.
·      Water.


1.   First of all, smear little bit of shaving cream on the lipstick stain and then wait for ten minutes so that it can set in. Notice that the dried lipstick stain will dissolve with shaving cream.

2.   Secondly, with the pieces of cotton very carefully wipe out the shaving cream making sure you do not spread the cream on other parts.

3.   After that you may give a normal wash to your cloth with club soda after which the stain will be removed.

4.   If stain still remains you may redo the entire process again.

Method 2 (Using Prewash Stain Remover)

Things you will be required:

·      Dull knife.
·      Pre-wash stain remover used for laundry.
·      Chlorine bleach.
·      Hot water.
·      Clean white cloth.
·      A sponge.
·      Dry cleaning solvent that you can easily get from a commercial store.


1.   The first step should be to scrap of lipstick from the cloth with the help of dull knife. If you do not have a dull knife then in that case you can also use back side of a spoon or expired credit cards.

2.   Add dry cleaning solvent on sponge or on a clean white cloth and then clean the stain by gently rubbing it not exceeding the boundaries outside the stain area.

3.   Pretreat the stain with a prewash stain remover.

4.   After that, add few drops of chlorine bleach and then wash the cloth with hot water after which all the stain will be removed.

Method 3 (Using Different Materials)

Things you will be required:

·      Alcohol that is used at your home.
·      White toothpaste of any brand will work.
·      White pieces of small Cloth
·      Dish washing Detergent
·      Pieces of cotton
·      Ammonia
·      Hairspray
·      Petroleum Jelly
·      Baking Soda
·      Eucalyptus Oil


1.   Give a normal wash to your shirt with a dish washing detergent before you go on removing hard stains.

2.   Then add few drops of alcohol on clean piece of cloth and dab the stain with it. Do not rub the stain as it can over spread the stain. Also do not add much alcohol as it can soak the shirt and you do not want your shirt to smell alcohol from all parts.

3.   Dab few drops of dish washing liquid if the stain is very deep although it is not necessary if you are using alcohol. Rub the liquid from outwards to inwards with the help of your fingers. Make sure to rub gently and not harshly.

4.   Add few drops of ammonia on cotton pieces and dab it on the stain. Again do not rub it just dab it.

5.   Spray hairspray if your cloth is of thick material and if it can bear it. Then with the piece of wet cloth wipe the stain away.

6.   You may also add petroleum jelly and give a little message to the stain. If oily stuff is left then you can remove it with little baking soda.

7.   Then apply white toothpaste and blot dry. Then take cotton balls and pour some of Eucalyptus oil on it and wipe the stain with the cotton ball.

8.   After all this give a normal wash again with soapy water and your cloth will be free of any stains.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   When applying shaving cream make sure you do not apply or smudge shaving cream on the clean parts of cloth as it can lead to more stain and more effort.

2.   Make sure you use that type of bleach that is color safe.

3.   Do not use a sharp knife when scrapping as it can tear apart your clothes.

4.   For scrapping purposes do not use credit cards that you are using currently as it can make it disfunctional.

5.   When wiping the stain do not spread on the clean area as spreading can lead to spreading of the stain further which can further make things difficult for you.

6.   Now days there are many lipsticks that are water proof for certain number of hours, in that case you have to use a strong clothes washing powder or simply hand over your clothes to laundry services.

7.   If the label on your cloth states dries clean only then you should not experiment on it and just give it away to a dry cleaner shop.

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