How to Remove Coffee Stains From Couch

Worried about your new couch that you recently bought for your drawing room, because you drop coffee on it while watching television.  Or maybe your pet cat just spilled your cup of coffee that you prepared on your couch and it’s all messed up. Well, you should not worry much as your couch can look new again as there are many methods of removing coffee stains.

Obviously, you cannot avoid drinking coffee on couch because drinking coffee in front of television is the best way to often watch television. Often the trouble comes when coffee seeps in and you treat the stain late often when you get time to treat such stains. The key to removing any stain is to treat it instantly. You can adopt anyone of the following methods to remove  of Coffee Stains from Couch.

Method 1 (Oxy Clean Solution)

Things you will be required:

·      Oxyclean that you can easily purchase from any local store.
·      Luke warm water.
·      Bucket or a bowl.
·      Paper towels or simply small white towels.


1.   The first step is that, you have to dilute few drops of Oxyclean in bucket of Luke warm or room temperature water depending on the type of fabric. Mix it well with hands or with any stick.

2.   With the help of paper towels or white towels blot the mixture on the stain area. Do not over add the solution as it can spread the stain.

3.   After few minutes that are twenty minutes wipe the stain area with dry paper towels and check whether the stain has been removed. If it still remains or parts of it remains then in that case you can blot more of mixture and repeat the process after blotting again so that you can get rid of the Coffee stains.

Method 2 (Using Vinegar)

Things you will be required:

·      Vinegar.
·      Warm water.
·      Spraying bottle.
·      Paper towels.


1.   Fill one fourth of spraying bottle with vinegar. The purpose of adding vinegar in spraying bottle is that when you spray you do not over spill vinegar which can be the case when you directly add from vinegar bottle. So it is always better to first add vinegar in spraying bottle. Then spray few drops of vinegar on the coffee stain area.

2.   Let the vinegar set in for at least twenty minutes. So that it reaches and cover the entire stain area.

3.   Dip paper towels in warm water and wipe the stain with it. If the Coffee stain still remains on your Couch, you may repeat the entire process to achieve prefect results.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   When blotting the stain keep it in mind that you do not over add water as it can spread the stain in other parts of the couch as well.

2.   Whether you have to use warm water or cold water for that you have to consult a fabric expert who can better guide you, but if you are not able to get an advice in that case normal Luke warm or room temperature water will also work.

3.   Wear gloves when blotting or when applying solution.


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