How to Remove Lipstick from Shirt

Lipstick stains can develop on shirts and this can be quite worrisome. No one will wear a shirt that has Lipstick stains on it and it is very important to remove them. Obviously, they are not normal stains and so will not get out easily with a normal detergent and water. These stains have to be treated very carefully. The key to removing any stain is to remove it as soon as possible. You can adopt anyone of the following methods for the removal of Lipstick Stains from shirt.

Method 1 (Using Hair spray)

Things you will be required:

·      Hair spray.
·      Paper towels.
·      Bucket of water


1.   First, dip a paper towel in bucket of water and then wipe stain on shirt with it. Do not rub it harshly as it can spread the stain in other parts of the shirt as well.

2.   Use hair spray on the stain, keep it applied on for ten to fifteen minutes. Spray it multiple times.

3.   Wipe it again with wet towel.

4.   Wash it as normal with your regular detergent and put it on dry.

5.   Your shirt will be free of lipstick.

Method 2 (Using Petroleum Jelly)

Things you will be required:

·      Petroleum jelly.
·      Detergent.
·      Water.


1.   Before you do normal laundry, blot your shirt with petroleum jelly. Keep blotting for ten whole minutes.

2.   Once you are done with that, wash your shirt as usual in laundry with detergent and water and put it to dry.

3.   The stain will be removed without any hassle.
Method 3 (Using masking Tape)

Things you will be required:

·      Masking tape.
·      Talcum powder or chalk.
·      Detergent.
·      Water.


1.   Place masking tape on top of the stain, and take it off several times. Place new and take if off. Do the step five to six times. Make sure you do not fade the color away.

2.   If still some stain appears, apply talcum powder on it. Dab the powder until no more stain remains.

3.   Wash your stain as usual with detergent and water.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   Do not rub lipstick stain, either dab or blot it.

2.   Do not use bleach in removing the stain.

3.   Wear gloves and protective eye wear when treating the stain.

4.   If it is a white shirt, make sure your hands are clean as other stains can also get on the shirt.

5.   If the shirt is dry clean only then give it to professional dry cleaners and do not try washing the stain or the shirt itself at home.

6.   Dry the shirt in a dryer, or lay it straight if you do not have a dryer, do not fold it as color shirts can fade colors and often do fade colors in this way.

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