How to Remove Lipstick Stains From Laundry

Lipstick stain on laundry is a rare stain but very commonly caused by working women. In such a hurry, when these women cook food and get ready for office at the same time and doing laundry in all such hurry getting such stains is common in such households.

Also there can be a situation that you left your handkerchief in washroom and by mistake a female wiped her lips with that leaving lipstick stains on it. You really have to remove the stain before you reach home because you realize that you can get in trouble.

Lipstick stains are not as troublesome as other stains are so one does not have to do so much effort in removing such stains. There are various methods of removing such stains, however, this article will focus on methods of removing lipstick stains with materials that are easily accessible to common people and also such materials are not much expensive. You can adopt anyone of the following methods for the removal of Lipstick Stains from Laundary.

Method 1 (Using Dishwashing Soap)

Things you will be required:

·      Tissue papers or dry clean towels.
·      Hard card/ knife.
·      Spray bottle.
·      Water.
·      Dish washing soap
·      Sponge.


1.   The first step is very easy that one has to scrap any bit of lipstick with the help of hard card or a knife so that further cleaning will become easy.

2.   Blot the stain with dry towels. If one does not have access of dry towels one can also use thick tissues for that purpose.

3.   Add some water in spraying bottle and spray little bit of water on lipstick stain ensuring that too much water is not sprayed on it.

4.   Pour one drop of dish washing liquid soap on the stain area. Keep that liquid on the stain for 15-20 minutes. S liquid dishwashing soap has a grease removal property so it will work. Gently rub the liquid with small cloth towel. Move from outwards to inwards.

5.   Then wipe it with the clean and dry side of the towel.

6.   Your clothes will be free of lip stick stains.

Method 2 (Using Face Wash)

Things you will be required:

·      Any general face wash.
·      Scrubbing brush or old toothbrush.
·      Bowl of water.
·      One whole tissue paper box.


1.   Wipe with dry tissues, the lipstick stain area.

2.   Add two to four drops of face wash on the stain.

3.   Rub the liquid on the stains using tissues.

4.   After that wet five six tissues at the same time and then rub it on the fabric.

5.   The stain will be removed from the fabric.

Method 3 (Using Alcohol)

Things you will be required:

·      Alcohol
·      Soap.
·      Tissue papers.
·      Water.


1.   If you got a lipstick stain while at a restaurant and you want to get rid of the stain then you need to grab some bit of alcohol.

2.   First of all scrap of any excess lipstick by using a knife or a sharp object.

3.   Apply the alcohol on the stain, just few drops.

4.   After that dip some ten tissues in water and wipe it on the stain.

5.   The stain will be removed with in no time.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   When spraying on lipstick stain do not over spray the fabric as it can lead to further problems for you.

2.   If one does not have a dish washing liquid one can also use any general shampoo or liquid hand wash for the very same purpose.

3.   Do not use a face wash that has color in it. As some colors can set in the fabric and can get difficult to remove.

4.   Do not add too much alcohol that it soaks in.

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