How to Remove Lipstick Stains from Fabric

Lipstick can make you look lovely, but finding marks of it on fabric that you want to keep clean may not make you too happy. Washing clothes with a lipstick in the pocket of one of your jeans can cause some real damage. Composed of petroleum-based chemicals, man-made dyes and natural oils, lipstick stains can be tricky and difficult to get rid of. The problem with lipstick stains is that you may notice them late, making the stain harder to get rid of.

However, do not let the lipstick ruin the fabric. The stain can be treated with the methods outlined below.

Timely action is one of the keys to the successful removal of a stain. Act on the stain as soon as you see it. If you are not at home at the time of notice, dab the patch of shirt with the stain with a little bit of cold water so that it does not get permanent. Secondly, before starting, it is best that you check the label of the fabric to see if certain products should be avoided on that fabric. Identify whether the fabric is washable or non-washable. Also, some clothes may be dry clean only for which you would have to turn to professional help. After that, You can adopt any one of the following methods for the stain removal.

Method One (Using Alcohol)

Things that you will require:

·      A soft, white cloth or cotton swab
·      Denatured alcohol
·      Dishwashing detergent
·      Stain remover stick
·      Paper towel

Steps that you need to take:

1.   Place a paper towel on a hard surface, such as a table, so that no stain marks are left on the surface when cleaning the stain.

2.   Next, put the fabric on the surface with the stain facing down.

3.   Apply a bit of alcohol on to the soft, white cloth or the cotton swab.

4.   Now gently rub the cloth/swab on to the back side of fabric such that the fabric is completely saturated.

5.   Put some dishwashing detergent on to your finger.

6.   Rub the stain with your finger, applying the detergent on it.

7.   When working on the stain, move from the outside edges towards the inside in a circular motion.

8.   Repeat these steps till the stain disappears.

9.   If the stain still does not get removed, apply a stain remover stick.

10.   After the stain remover stick has been left on for a few minutes, wash your fabric. Do this only if your fabric is washable. Instead of putting the fabric in to the dryer, it is best that you let it dry in the open.

11.   In case the stain has still not completely disappeared, take the fabric to your dry cleaner.

Method Two (Using Ammonia)

Removing lipstick stains is one of the greatest household uses of ammonia. If you do not already have it stocked in your house, go to the nearest store to buy it.

Things that you will require:

·      Paper towels
·      Ammonia
·      Plain water
·      Cotton swab

Steps to be taken:

1.   Lay down a paper towel, or something similar, on a hard surface that can absorb the stain.

2.   Place the fabric on a hard surface such that the stain faces down towards the surface.

3.   Before you apply ammonia, spray water on the back of the stain that faces you.

4.   Using a paper towel, start blotting off the stain.

5.   Take a cotton swab, and apply a bit of ammonia on it.

6.   Now, start dabbing the stain with the cotton swab so that the ammonia starts to remove the stain.

7.   Work on the stain in a circular motion, from the outer edges of the stain towards the inner side. Keep doing this till the stain fades away.

8.   In case the paper towel beneath the fabric gets soaked, replace it with another paper towel.

9.   Lastly, rinse the garment, and hand wash it in warm water.

10.   If you still fail to remove the stain, take it to your dry cleaner to get rid of it.

Method Three (Using Hairspray)

Who knew hairspray could be useful for things other than just the hair? Not only can it be used by women to set their hair, but it also comes in handy when removing a lipstick stain.

Things that you will require:

·      Hairspray
·      A soft, white cloth
·      Warm water
·      Liquid dishwashing detergent

Steps to be taken:

1.   Firstly, place a paper tower on a hard surface to absorb the stain, and put your fabric on top of the paper towel.

2.   Make sure that stain faces down.

3.   Grab the hairspray, and spray it right on to the stain.

4.   Leave the spray on the stain for approximately ten to fifteen minutes.

5.   To wipe away the stain, use a soft, white cloth, moistened in warm water.

6.   Keep doing this till the stain is removed. Replace the paper towel beneath the fabric once it is soaked.

7.   Remember to only dab the stain. Rubbing can make the stain spread.

8.   If the stain still remains, wash it by hand using a liquid dishwashing detergent, such as Dawn. Remember, the detergent should not contain bleach or lighteners. 


Remember to check the label of the fabric to see if it allows the elements mentioned above.

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