How to remove Bleach Stains from Shirts

            Bleach is used to get rid of stains as it lightens the stain, eventually prompting it to fade off. However, bleach can also leave behind stains on darker clothes. Technically, bleach stains cannot be removed because they remove or cut off dye from the fabric and this automatically implies that the stain is set for good.

          Yet, this still doesn’t mean that the situation cannot be fixed. However, in contrast to the conventional stain removal methods, in this case you would be restoring the lost color instead to removing it. Given below are some tips which will help you in the process and make sure that you get rid of bleach stains effectively.

Remove Bleach Stains using Sodium Thiosulfate

When it comes to bleach stains, sodium thiosulfate is the most effective remedy. This miracle product also known as ‘photographic fixer’ helps to neutralize the effects of bleach, consequently leading to the removal of bleach stains from shirts or any other piece of clothing for that matter. Owing to this reason the following method also deploys this very cleaning rather fixing agent.

Things that you will require:

·      Cotton balls/ or clean white cloth
·      Cold water
·      Sodium thiosulfate

Steps that you need to take:

1.  This chemical can also be used as an immediate spot treatment before the situation gets worse and your clothes get bleach stained. However, if your fabric indeed gets stained with bleach then take hold of a cotton ball or a clean, white cloth. Dab this cloth with Sodium Thiosulfate and use it to blot the stain.

2.  Continue blotting until you feel that the stain has visibly begun to fade away or the stained area has become saturated.

3.  In either of the two cases, rinse the stain with cold water and begin the process of blotting again until you are sure that you have got rid of the bleach stain satisfactorily.


1.  If you want to opt for something natural instead of a laboratory grade chemical, then you can also deploy white vinegar in order to get rid of or repair the bleach stain.

2.  The best way to treat bleach stains is to take maximum precautions so that they can be duly avoided.


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