How to Remove Mold Stains From Carpet

To decorate your house from inside out you have places small carpets at various places at your house such as outside entrance, outside rest room, before entering kitchen and at various places. What happens is that rain starts falling and the carpets that you have places outside that are in open air for decoration purposes that starts getting wet and after few days mold is visible and even odor starts coming. In some cases it often happens that you house is situated in a locality where there is too much humidity in air that settles in your carpets when it find space resulting in mold.

The purpose of decoration that you initially wanted gets destroyed. That is you carpet gets messed up because of the stain and odor makes it even more terrible. You really want to get rid of these stains. The key to removing such stains is to treat such stains as soon as possible, the later you treat such stains the more difficult and troublesome such stains will become. There are many methods and the main purpose of these articles if to inform those methods that are user friendly. These methods require materials that can be easily purchases and materials are not much expensive. You can adopt any one of the following methods to remove Mold Stains from Carpet.

Method 1 (Dry Cleaning)

Things you will be required:

·      Vacuum cleaner.
·      Disinfecting spray.
·      De humidifiers that can be easily purchased from commercial stores.
·      Fans installed in the area.


1.   The first step is to lift the carpet from its original area and clean the area beneath the carpet.

2.   Once you have lifted the carpet then after that, water should be removed completely from the carpet with the help of vacuum cleaner. Cleaning each and every area very carefully and attentively.

3.   Then spray disinfecting spray to kill of any bacteria or germs from the carpet which may have taken hold of the area because of space provided to them with odor and stain.

4.   Dehumidifiers should be run for drying purposes and then carpet should be places under fans so that it can get dried completely which is very important.

Method 2 (Wet Cleaning)

Things you will be required:

·      Broom.
·      Vacuum cleaner.
·      Scrubbing brush.
·      Dish washing liquid


1.   Sweep the carpet or rug with the help of a broom. This process should be done as soon as possible as it will help loosen up the mold effectively. Then use your vacuum cleaner on the rug or carpet so mold can be taken out even from deep areas.

2.   After that give a good scrubbing and wash to your carpet. That is adding liquid dish washing soap onto the stain area and start scrubbing it. This will help to remove bacteria as well as mold.

3.   The Mold stain will be removed, if you still think some areas are left you may vacuum those areas.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   It is very important to completely dry these carpets otherwise respiratory problems can occur in children or older people who are weak.

2.   When scrubbing, remember to use a soft bristle brush as it will not destroy your carpet.

3.   Also when using vacuum cleaner, make sure you empty the garbage that is already in the bag and then use the vacuum cleaner for effective results.

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