How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Fish Tank

Those who have aquariums at home or those who sell aquariums to people, maintaining it requires lot of effort and responsibility. If special care and attention is not given then many problems can occur and one such is hard water stains on fish tank. Such stains are a result of many reasons but that is not our main concern here, as here we will try to remove such stains in an efficient way possible.

There are numerous ways of removing such stains but often people search for removing stains in a way that cost them less and are process of removing stains are hassle free. For that this article will be focusing on those methods that require materials that are easily available at home or are widely available in commercial markets. For these methods one does not require to hire extra people for help as only one person can perform the job of removing these stains in an efficient manner. You can adopt anyone of the following methods to remove Hard Water Stains from Fish Tank.

Method 1 (Using Lemon Juice/ Vinegar)

Things you will be required:

·      Sponge.
·      Lemon juice.
·      Vinegar.
·      Water, enough to change the water of the aquarium.


1.   The first step is to soak you knew sponge in either lemon juice or vinegar. Lemon juice you can either buy from market or you can make a fresh one at home. Fresh one our more effective as they can be made whenever you require them and will not make much time and money.

2.   Let any excess solution run off and after that press the sponge against the stain area for at least thirty minutes whole. If the stain area is big you may do the same process in the entire area. After that you may dry it. The reason for holding the sponge to run the excess solution before applying it on the stain is that the acid should not fall into the aquarium which can be hazardous for fish.

3.    Then you may change the water in case any acid falls and just for a change for your fish, it is better to clean or change the water after you are done with the cleaning process.

Method 2 (Using Distilled Water and White Vinegar)

Things you will be required:

·      Half cup of ordinary white vinegar.
·      Half gallon of distilled water.
·      Empty spraying bottles.
·      Tissue papers.


1.   First of all, you have to make a solution. Add half cup of ordinary white vinegar in half gallon of distilled water.

2.   Then purchase some empty spraying bottles, mark them aquarium cleaning spray and pour the solution in it.

3.   Spray it on tissues and wipe the glass with sprayed tissues and then wipe it back with clean tissues. Keep doing it until the glass is crystal clear and free of Hard Water Stains.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   Make sure to clean it very carefully without disturbing the fish and without dropping the solution in water.

2.   Wear gloves when inserting your hand in aquarium for the safety of fish as well as your safety.

3.   After cleaning the aquarium make sure you check the aquarium to see if you have not left anything inside aquarium that may be dangerous for your fish.


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