How To Remove Chocolate Stains From Shirt

Mothers are often upset when their children drop eatables on their shirts. Chocolate stains are very common as kids love to eat chocolate and when they start eating it they make sure that their clothes reflect the fact that they have eaten chocolate.

We obviously cannot change the way kids eat chocolate but we can make our kids happy by treating these stains at home without any hassle. The key to removing any stain is to treat it quickly whenever the stain has been imposed. One of the best methods that you can adopt to get rid of these Chocolate Stains is enlisted below.

Things you will be required:

·      Vanish Oxi cleaning powder.
·      Warm water.
·      Bucket.
·      Liquid washing detergent


1.   With Vanish Oxi cleaning powder there will be a measuring cup attach to it which will measure the powder in scoops. The first step would be to add one scoop of vanish oxi cleaning powder in one liter of warm water in bucket. Mix it well with hands.

2.   If your shirt is white in color then you have to soak it for around six hours, if it has some color then you have to soak it just for one hour and no more than that as color can fade away.

3.   Give a regular wash to your shirt with a detergent after you have soaked your shirt for the time mentioned in step 2 and then add one more scoop of Oxi cleaning powder when you are washing it.

4.   Notice if the Chocolate Stain has been removed, if the stain is still visible on your shirt then you should repeat the entire process again.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   Do not use Oxi cleaning powder on wool, silk and leather.

2.   Before using the cleaning powder you have to read the instructions at least twice so that you are better able to remove Chocolate stain in one go.

3.   Be very careful when you are mixing cleaning powder in water as the water may be hot and may burn your hands, so try waiting for five minutes and then mix it.

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