How to Remove Ink Stains from Carpet

Your child has messed his room carpet by dropping ink on it. Well such accidents are very common and there is nothing much to worry about it. Such stains do make your room messy and may even destroy your clothes if you sit on it. It might also be the case that your kids had an ink fight for the sake of fun and all their carpet has been damaged by it. The key to removing these stains is to treat these stains as possible, otherwise the stain will dry out and more effort will be required in removing stains.

This article will inform you of ways in which you will get rid of the stains within no time and without much effort. These methods will also require materials that are either easily available at your home or are easily available at any local store or departmental store. You can adopt anyone of the following methods for the removal of Ink Stains from carpet.

Method 1

Things you will be required:

·      Salt.
·      Water.
·      Vacuum cleaner.


1.   If the ink stain is fresh and has just been imposed on the carpet then you can pour some salt on the stain and allow it to soak in for ten whole minutes.

2.   After some time you can vacuum the carpet and the stain will be removed.

3.   However, if the Ink stain has been dried out and is quite days old then in that case add small amount of water on the dried ink stain.

4.   Then pour salt and gently rub it with finger tips.

5.   Keep it as it is for five to ten minutes and then vacuum it up to get rid of the Ink stain completely.

Method 2

Things you will be required:

·      Oil solvent.
·      White piece of cloth.
·      Luke warm water.


1.   Add an oil solvent on white piece of cloth. Then blot the stains with the help of this cloth and wait for fifteen to twenty minutes. You can repeat the process if the stain is spread over a larger area. Wait so that it can dry up.

2.   Rinse the stain area by blotting a clean white piece of cloth in Luke warm water. Room temperature water will also work in this case.

Method 3

Things you will be required:

·      Detergent solution.
·      Luke warm water.
·      White piece of cloth.
·      Ammonia solution.
·      Vinegar.
·      Spraying bottle.


1.   First make a detergent solution. Add 1 tsp. of dish washing detergent in a bowl of water. Mix it well and then dip a cloth in the solution and blot the stain with it.

2.   Second, make an ammonia solution. Add half ammonia in one cup of water, mix it well and blot the Ink stain with the solution using a white piece of cloth.

3.   If still the Ink stain appears, make a vinegar solution that is add half cup of white vinegar in half cup of water and spray it into the stain area. Then blot it with a piece of cloth.

4.   After that, spray water on the Ink stain and blot it with a clean piece of cloth. The stain will be removed.

Method 4

Things you will be required:

·      Carpet cleaning service providers.
·      Time.
·      Money.


1.   You just need to make a call to carpet cleaning service providers and tell them to visit your house for cleaning the carpet. They will do their cleaning procedure and within hours your carpet will be free of Ink stains.

2.   You have to pay them for their services and you can sit freely on your carpet again.

3.   Try contacting reliable service provider who are well known and have been tried and tested by your relatives or friends.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   For dried ink stains do not add abundant water as it can soak the carpet and spread the ink further.

2.   Do not add over salt as it can make vacuuming pretty difficult.

3.   Wear gloves when cleaning any things.

4.   Do not step over the carpet when it is wet as it can add to more stains which can get really difficult to remove.

5.   Vinegar should not be over added as you have to make sure you use nothing strong on your carpet that can destroy the fibers.

6.   After cleaning if you still see some dots of stains you can spray hair spray on it and wipe it with wet cloth it can deal away with small dot like stains within no time.

7.   Nail polish can also be used for small stains as it is very effective for ink stains.

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