How to Remove Blood Stains From Upholstery

Stains are a common part of life and one does not have to take much tension because of that as there are many methods through which one can remove Blood Stains easily without spending much on them. The key to removing any stain is to remove it fast and to remove it smart.

How you remove the stain will vary depending on the type of upholstery that has a stain on it. Blood stains are the most difficult to remove. They occur if one gets a cut and the blood drops on the upholstery. Or there might be the case when your pet cat gets injured and start bleeding on upholstery. So using home materials and detergents you can easily get away with such stains as they are accessible as well as less expensive because most of the materials you already have at your home. You can adopt any one of the following methods for the removal of Blood Stains from upholstery.

Method 1 (For light colour upholstery)

Things you will be required:

·      Bleach.
·      Tissue papers.
·       Water.


1.   First, wipe the area with wet tissues. That is soak some dozen tissues or paper towels in water and then gently wipes it to clean off any removable blood.

2.   Pour few drops of bleach if your upholstery is of light colored fabric and keep it applied on for ten minutes. If the fabric is of dark color then avoid using bleach as it may fade off the color, in that case you may use some stain removing agent available in market.

3.   Then after ten minutes you may wipe the Blood stains back with wet tissues to clear the area of any stain.

Method 2 (For Dark Colour Upholstery)

Things you will be required:

·      Piece of cloth.
·      Cold water or a baby wipe.
·      Tea spoon.
·      Neutral detergent.
·      Luke warm water.
·      Ammonia.


1.   First of all, dampen a piece of cloth and blot the stain area. You can even blot with the help of a baby wipe. Both will work effectively. As you notice the blood coming off, you should rinse the cloth again and starting blotting until most of the blood has been sucked up.

2.   If stains still presents mix one teaspoon of neutral detergent in Luke warm water and blot the stain gently.

3.   For more cleaning add one teaspoon of ammonia in a cup of water blot until no more Blood stains can be seen and you will be free of any stain.

Method 3 (Auto Vinyl Upholstery)

Things you will be required:

·      Damp rag.
·      Baking soda.
·      Water.
·      Dish soap.
·      Hard bristle brush.


1.   Auto Vinyl upholstery has to be cleaned with a damp rag first before you go on applying any solution. This can just be done with the help of water.

2.   Then apply some baking soda on the stain area and allow it to absorb as much blood as possible.

3.   Then add some dish soap in water, mix it well and rinse baking soda with this mixture. Do not use any oil or mineral based cleaners, which can make vinyl stiff and hard. This can make cleaning very difficult for you. In that case then you have to use hard bristle brush to get rid of the stain.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   It is very important to note that when you treat the stain do not rub the stain as it may spread it even more into cleaners areas as well, so one has to be very vigilant when treating stains.

2.   In case of Bleach before you treat the main area where the stain lies, try treating an unseen part of upholstery to test an area so that you know exactly how much solution and how much time duration you need to treat your stain.

3.   Wear gloves when blotting or when mixing ammonia.

4.   Do not add too much water and less dish soap as it can make the mixture ineffective.

5.   Use hard bristle brush only if Vinyl gets still in other cases do not use it as it may spread the stain further even in cleaner areas.

6.   Avoid using bleach if the color of the upholstery is dark as the color may fade away and the fabric may get weak.


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