How to Remove Ink Stains From Jeans

You are a regular student at university who has perfect writing, perfect grades, excellent extracurricular activities and everything. However, one thing that always worries you is immense ink stains on jeans. Not only once, not only twice but every day you experience such stains on your jeans.

Ink stains are disturbing and may affect the outstanding record that you have maintained at your university. It is very important to remove such stains before you slack in other things because of that. Many students start to feel ashamed and inferior because of these stains. However, students should not worry much as now there are many methods that one can adopt to get rid of these ink stains.

Method 1 and Method 2 are for Water Based Ink Stains. Method 3 and Method 4 are for Permanent Ink Stains and Ball point ink Stains Respectively. Permanent Ink Stains are the toughest to remove and Water Based Ink Stains are the easiest one.

Method 1 (For Water Based Ink Stains)

Things you will be required:

·         Few pieces of dry towels.
·         Water (Make sure it is hot)
·         Laundry detergent is it in the form of powder or liquid.


1.   Begin with placing the stained jeans above dry towels, ensuring that they are leveled equally.

2.   Apply water on the stained area of jeans.

3.   After applying water start blotting with the help of clean cloth. As a result much of the stain will be transferred to the clean cloth.

4.   Apply liquid detergent on the stained area of jeans.

5.   Keep it applied on for twenty to thirty minutes.

6.   After that, you can wash your jeans as normal using hot running water or in just hot water, whatever is feasible for cloth.

7.   The Ink stain will be removed. If still some light ink marks appear you can repeat the process before drying. If once dried without completely removing the stains then it will be difficult to remove them later on.

8.   When the Ink stain is completely removed, dry it up.

Method 2 (Also for Water based Ink stains)

Things you will be required:

·         The regular box of milk that you drink daily, 1 bottle will be sufficient.
·         Hair spray any regular will work.
·         Clothes washing detergent or powder.
·         Bucket of water.
·         Empty bucket.


1.   Add one glass of milk in half a bucket of water.

2.   Soak your jeans in the milk solution.

3.   Keep it soaked in overnight.

4.   Take it out and soak it in bucket of water.

5.   Use your hair spray and spray it on the stain area.

6.   Then using your regular liquid stain washer, wash your jeans with it.

7.   The Ink stain will be completely wiped out.

Method 3 (For Permanent Ink Stains)

Things you will be required:

·      Alcohol.
·      Clean white towels or thick white tissues.
·      Hot water.
·      Finger nail polish remover.


        It is not very easy to remove the stains of a permanent ink. Bleaching the cloth is one option but it may leads to the fading of the cloth. The following steps can help us to remove permanent ink stains.

1.   Place your wet jeans above dry towels and quickly blot it with alcohol.

2.   The towel beneath the stain will start wetting out, therefore shift jeans to some dry portion of the towel and then rub again. Keep moving the jeans on the dry section of the towel whenever the towel beneath wets out.

3.   Keep on doing this process until no more stain left.

4.   Wash it with water and the stain will be removed completely. Make sure that the alcohol is washed out properly.

5.   If still some Ink stain remains you can go for finger nail polish remover. Finger nail polish remover is a hard stuff than alcohol. Therefore use it carefully. It may damage the fabric if not carefully used. Firstly test it on the inner side of the jeans and notice what happens.

6.   After it apply it on the stained area and blot it in the same way as you previously did for alcohol. Continue blotting until no more stain left. In the same way make sure to move the jeans to dry area of the towel as soon as it gets wet.

7.   Wash it as usual and rinse it properly. Surely you will have stained free jeans.

Method 4 (For Ball Point Ink Stains)

Things you will be required:

·      Alcohol.
·      Clean white towels or thick white tissues.
·      Hot water.
·      Finger nail polish remover.


To remove the ball point ink stains is comparatively easier than to remove the permanent ink stain but they are difficult to remove if we compare them with water based ink stains. You can adopt the same procedure as adopted for permanent ink stains to remove the ball point ink stains. In most of the cases stain will be removed completely only by applying alcohol. But if stain still presents you can go for finger nail polish remover. As already mentioned extra care will be required while using nail polish remover.

Method 5 (For Suede clothes)

Things you will be required:

·      Sand paper./ Stiff Nylon Brush


1.   Cut a small piece of sand paper.

2.   Rub the ink stain on the suede cloth with sandpaper. Suede clothes are made up of fine elements. Rubbing it with sand paper will remove the fine elements. The working principle is that the filaments having the stain will be removed. But be careful not to rub too much as it may destroy your suede cloth.

3.   Continue rubbing until the stain is removed.

4.   You can also use a stiff nylon brush in case of sand paper.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   Just give a light touch of sand paper to your jeans and do not give more as it can destroy your jeans.

2.   Use gloves when applying or rubbing with alcohol.

3.   When blotting move jeans from wet area to dry area.

4.   Keep hair spray away from eyes when using it.

5.   After washing, you can wash your hands as the effect of chemicals can still remain at your hands.

6.   If the stain is old it is very difficult that hundred percent of the stain will be removed.

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