How to remove mustard stains

            Sizzling fries dipped in mustard sauce tend to set one appetite’s on edge. Just imagine sausages and fries soaked in mustard and your mouth will start drooling no end. But then again, suppose your sister decides to poke you in your ribs at that very instant and a whole glob of mustard makes its way down your shirt front. In such circumstances, these very mustard fries and sausages would turn bitter in your mouth and would no longer be any appetizing; since removal of such mustard stains can prove to be pretty arduous.

         This is because mustard contains turmeric which is a natural dye itself and therefore has the tendency to stain your clothes, carpets or any other thing for that matter permanently. Consequently, you need to treat mustard stains as swiftly as possible, before they have much time to set in. This is precisely where we step in. We provide you will all the armor that you need to battle these aggravating stains. All you need to do is take swift action and embark upon these stain removal procedures. Hopefully by the time you will be done with these methods you will have got rid of mustard stains satisfactorily.

Method One (For Removal of Mustard stains from clothes)

       You definitely wouldn’t want to sport a huge yellow stain on your shirts or pants while walking around in public or even lounging at your own place. Nor would you want to discard your favorite clothes in a dumpster owing to a stupid mustard spill. Fortunately, you wouldn’t have to resort to either of these conditions, since hereby we provide you with the perfect remedy to get rid of all mustard stains from clothes. Follow the directions given below and bid adieu to mustard stains for good.

Things that you will require:

·      Thick absorbent cloth/towel
·      Spatula/spoon/dull knife
·      Dish soap
·      White vinegar
·      Warm water

Steps that you need to take:

1.  First of all, you will have to place a thick absorbent towel or several layers of paper towels at the back of the mustard stain. This step will act as a precaution and will prevent any mustard to seep through and stain the rest of the garment, while you treat the primary stain.

2.  Next, you will have to remove any excess mustard from the stain by scraping it off with the help of a blunt knife or a spatula or the edge of a spoon.

3.  Once you have satisfactorily got rid of the excess mustard, you will have to mix up a cleaning solution by combining quarter teaspoons of dish soap and white vinegar each with a quarter cup of warm water. Mix all the three ingredients thoroughly in a bowl so that you end up with an effective cleaning solution.

4.  Now, you will have to apply this cleaning solution onto the mustard stained area. Sponge it on the mustard stain and blot it carefully. Afterwards, allow it to sit there for almost fifteen minutes.

5.  Follow this step by rinsing the mustard stain with hot water until no mustard stain is left behind and no color comes out from the previously stained area.

6.  Finally, launder the garment like you usually do.

Tips and Warnings:

1.  As a preliminary step, try rinsing the mustard stain from its back side as it will flush away all the excess mustard that can be easily removed without the application of any cleaning agent.

2.  In case of white clothes, you can also try bleaching them in order to get rid of mustard stains.

3.  It is recommended that you do not make use of ammonia to treat mustard stains; since turmeric reacts with ammonia and can make its removal all the more difficult.

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Method Two (For Removal of Mustard stains from carpets)

       Mustard stains not only have the potential of ruining your clothes alone, rather they can also adversely affect your carpets for good. Mustard stains are pretty difficult to remove, even in a washing machine; so consequently their removal from carpets is notoriously daunting. Yet the glad tiding is that mustard doesn’t necessarily have to mar your carpet forever with the help of an adequate cleaning strategy and swift action on your part. Hereby we provide you with an effective cleaning technique and the rest is up to you.

Things that you will require:

·      Butter knife
·      Mustard sauce
·      Dish washing detergent
·      Warm water
·      Clean, white cloths
·      Enzymatic cleaner/ stain remover
·      Cold water
·      Sponge
·      Absorbent towel

Steps that you need to take:

1.  Here too, the first step deals with removing excess mustard from the stained area with the help of a spatula or the blunt edge of a knife.

2.  If the mustard happens to be dry, then take some mustard sauce and apply it onto the dried stain. Allow this fresh mustard to sit onto the stained area for almost five minutes and then scrape it all off again with the help of a dull knife. Application of mustard onto the mustard stain to get rid of it might seem paradoxical to you, but fresh mustard would reactivate the dried turmeric, and thus ease it removal.

3.  The next step deals with the making of a cleaning solution. To make this solution, you will have to combine 1 table spoon of dish washing detergent with two cups of warm water. Thus, you will end up with a diluted detergent solution.

4.  Apply this solution onto the mustard stain and blot it up with the help of a clean, white cloth. Continue this process of applying and blotting until the stain is no longer to be seen.

5.  However, if the stain still persists despite the application of diluted detergent solution, then you can also consider applying an enzymatic cleaner or stain remover onto the mustard stain. Both of these products are commercially prepared and are readily available at any retail store.

6.  Apply any of these two products onto the mustard stained area according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

7.  Finally take a sponge; dip it in cold water and then use this sponge to rinse the previously stained area. You need to rinse carefully and ensure that all traces of mustard as well as the cleaning agents have been removed satisfactorily.

8.  Follow this step by patting the area dry with the help of an absorbent towel to remove all moisture and then allow it to air dry.

Tips and Warnings:

1.  Adding some vinegar into the detergent solution can also prove to be effective.

2.  Before applying any cleaning agent onto the mustard stained area, primarily check it on an inconspicuous area of the carpet.

3.  Be very careful while removing excess mustard from the stain, since any lack of attention at your part can lead to further spreading of the stain or fraying of the carpet fibers.

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