How to remove Mustard Stains from clothes

One of the very popular topping for most foods is mustard. Adults as well as children love it and once they develop a taste for it, it is very hard for them to eat without it. In case of children, their clumsiness makes the mustard spill on their clothes. In case of a mustard spill on clothes, it becomes a prime responsibility of the mother to take immediate action because once the mustard stains set they are very hard to clean.

The main ingredient used in mustard is turmeric, which has a dying effect. It is similar to dying clothes, once the clothes are dyed, no matter how many times they are washed, the color stays the same. In order to get the stubborn mustard stains out, we have come up with the following methods. They are simple and if you follow the instructions carefully, you will have the stains removed in no time.

Method 1

The glycerin solution is strictly for white clothes. If the mustard has left stains on white clothes, then you should thank your lucky stars because the chlorine bleach will work its magic making the mustard stain removal successful. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure that the clothes are the type which can withstand the bleach treatment.

Things that you will require:

·      Butter knife
·      Glycerin
·      Cold & hot water
·      Washing machine
·      Chlorine bleach
·      Detergent

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   Remove the access mustard from the clothes. Make sure your scrape towards the center of the fresher stains to avoid spreading the mustard to cleaner area.

2.   Now with the help of your finger apply the glycerin onto the stain. Massage it into the fabric. Do this for about five minutes.

3.   Rinse the glycerin off with cold tap water.

4.   After rising, put the clothes in the washing machine and fill it with hot water. Pour the chlorine based bleach into it and let the machine run for a complete cycle.

5.   Rinse the clothes with water making sure that all the bleach has left the fabric. To be safe use detergent after rinsing.

6.   Let the clothes air dry. This will result in complete stain removal. For more stain removal methods read below.

Method 2

The dishwashing liquid solution is for both colored and white clothes, but it works best on colored clothes. The stains must be taken care of immediately after the spill or there is a slight chance that they might now come out. In case the stains are old, spill a small amount of the same mustard that left the stains, onto the old stains and run the stains under water. This might help in taking out the older stains.

Things that you will require:

·      Butter knife
·      Dishwashing detergent
·      Cold water
·      Empty bowl
·      Tooth brush

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   Scrape off the mustard stains with a butter knife. Make sure that the freshly spilled mustard is scrapped off with a stroke leading towards the center of the stains so that the mustard doesn’t get to the unspoiled area.

2.   Run the back side of the stains under cold tap water to remove any more excess mustard.

3.   Now take the empty bowl and mix a tbsp. of dishwashing liquid with enough water to cover all the stains. Stir with the tooth brush so they mix properly.

4.   Spread the stains and pour the mixture on them. Make sure that you cover all stains. Work the soap into the clothes with the tooth brush.

5.   Rinse to check the stain and repeat step four till the stain is completely removed.


·      Immediate action against the stains is key.

·      Never put the clothes that have been treated for mustard stains in a dryer after the laundry because there is a chance that if there is a leftover stain, it will never come out.


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