How To remove Red Wine Stains from White Shirt

         Were you looking like a total knock-out when you last attended your friend’s cocktail party in your glamorous white dress? People would have cast appreciative glances towards you causing you to bath in a warm confident glow. Perhaps some one’s envious looks jinxed your day and a passing waiter accidentally spilled red wine onto your white dress.

         You would have felt like breaking into tears right there and then but had to wear a calm and composed fa├žade in front of everyone, while inwardly your heart was weeping for the ruin of your favorite dress.

           Yet no need to get panic-stricken because we care for you and your precious dresses. Therefore we don’t want stains to kill your bliss and to ensure that such a situation never arises, we present to you some pretty effective tips which will help to remove these red wine stains and ultimately help you to get rid of them.

  Things that you will require:

·      Clean cloth/sponge
·      Dawn dish washing liquid soap
·      Hydrogen per oxide
·      Denatured alcohol
·      Vinegar
·      Clean water

Steps that you need to take:

1.  First of all, you need to blot up the excess liquid from the wine stain with the help of a clean cloth or a sponge. Make sure that you blot it instead of rubbing so that the stain doesn’t spread any further.

2.  Next, you ought to make a cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of Dawn Dish washing liquid and hydrogen per oxide.

3.  Pour this cleaning solution onto the stained area so that it gets soaked with it.

4.  Afterwards rinse the wine stain thoroughly with clean water. Hopefully it will flush away, leaving you with a stain free fabric.

5.  Eventually, you can wash it like you normally do.

However, for delicate fabrics, it is better that you go for a mild cleaning agent instead of hydrogen per oxide which has a bleaching effect.

6.  In that case, you need to soak the stained area with denatured alcohol instead of hydrogen per oxide solution and afterwards, follow it with a rinse of vinegar.

7.  Ultimately, launder the fabric once you are sure that the stain has been removed satisfactorily.


1.   If you are entrapped in such a situation where it is not possible to treat the red wine stain swiftly, then take hold a liberal amount of salt and coat the stain with it. Salt is an effective absorbing agent and will help you to get rid of majority of the stain. Furthermore, baking soda can also play the role of an absorbent in such a case.

2.  White Wine can also be used to counter the effects of Red Wine.


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