How to Remove Grease Stains from Hardwood Floors

               Did your cooking oil get spilled accidentally onto your hardwood floor or did you just walk in from the garage with grease in your shoes and leave behind greasy footsteps?  As a matter of fact, there could be a million reasons for your hardwood floors to incur grease and to counter this fact, we have a myriad of remedies as well which can battle these stubborn greasy stains and help you get rid of them.

              It is mandatory that you treat these stains as swiftly as you can, because the longer you allow them to sit on the floor, the deeper will they set in and consequently it will be more difficult for you to remove them from your hardwood floor.

             Furthermore, before you embark upon any stain removal method, make sure that primarily, you wipe away any excess grease from the stain and then treat it further. Follow the directions given below and restore your hardwood floors to their initial clean and stain-free condition.

Method One (Using Vinegar and Water)

          Vinegar is the most acknowledged and sought after cleanser across the globe. Acetic acid present inside vinegar helps to get out the stain from its very roots and removes it effectively. Owing to these very reasons, the following method would be deploying vinegar and water to treat these greasy stains.

Things that you will require:

· Bucket
· ½ cup white vinegar
· 1 gallon of warm water
· Sponge mop
· Clean absorbent towels

Steps that you need to take:

1.   First of all, take hold of a bucket in which you shall be making vinegar cleaning solution.

2.   Mix half cup of white vinegar with one gallon of warm water. A much diluted vinegar solution would be made. This cleaning solution is kept diluted and mild so that it doesn’t harm or discolor the wooden surface.

3.   Pour this solution onto the grease stained area. Vinegar will cut down the grease and grime effectively, yielding satisfactory results.

4.   To work this solution onto the stain, it is best if you make use of a sponge mop. You can also opt to go for such a mop which is conjugated with a semi abrasive pad. This pad would aid you in scrubbing off dry and stubborn grease stains.

5.   Move this mop in circular motions and make sure that it absorbs maximum moisture.

6.   If you feel that some moisture is still left, then deploy some clean absorbent towels and use them to soak up any remaining water.

7.   Hopefully, owing to this vinegar solution, your hard wood floor will now be devoid of any grease remnants.

8.   Finally, allow your floor to air dry.

Method two (Using Dish Washing Detergent)

         Dish Washing Soap has the ability to cut grease and due to this trait the following method makes use of Dawn Dish Soap or any other soap of the like kind.

Things that you will require:

· Dish soap
· Sponge
· Clean water
· Clean cloth/ rag
· Absorbent towel

Steps that you need to take:

1.   This method is pretty simple. Just pour few dollops of dish soap directly from the bottle onto the grease stain.

2.   Using a sponge, work this soap onto the stain and allow it to sit there for a while.

3.   Afterwards, wipe the floor with a clean cloth or rag making sure that all traces of soap and grease are removed.

4.   Finally, rinse the stain with clean water and using an absorbent towel dry up all the moisture.

5.   You can either allow the floor to air dry or pat it dry.


There are many commercial floor cleaning products available in the market as well. You can also benefit from these cleaning supplies, yet make sure that you read the accompanying instructions carefully.


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