How to Remove Deodorant Stains from White Clothes

               Deodorant stains are something with which we are all aware. All of us tend to sweat, especially in summers. This sweat can leave behind a very disagreeable and pungent stink. To get rid of this smell, we usually go for deodorants.

          Now, these deodorants would definitely help to bid farewell to all unpleasant sweaty odors, yet this smell liberation comes with its consequences. The deodorant that you wear can easily transfer to your clothes and leave behind an unsightly stain.

         This crusty stain looks very prominent, particularly on white clothes. Moreover at times it can also lead to the discoloration of fabric. This deodorant stain and the ensuing discoloration is a result of the acidity present in anti-per spirants and deodorants.

           However, this certainly doesn’t imply that you have to leave off the use of deodorants and brace sweat’s pungent odor; because a few handy tips can do the trick of helping to get rid of these infuriating deodorant stains.

            There are several ways to treat these deodorant stains and ensure their satisfactory removal, so that you end up with clean and stain free white clothes. Embark upon any method that you like; however primarily check the cleaning agent on any inconspicuous area of the fabric to make sure that the fabric is damage proof to that particular cleaning agent.

Things that you will require:

· Vinegar
· Baking soda
· Ammonia
· Meat tenderizer
· Clean water
· Liquid detergent
· Aspirin
· Clean cloth/rag
· Old tooth brush/ bristled brush
· Absorbent paper towels
· Spray bottle ( only if you feel like using one)

Steps that you need to take:
1.   Vinegar is a renowned cleaning agent and this method deploys its stain lifting powers. Make a cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water.

2.   Apply this solution onto the stained area or you can also try soaking the stained shirt into this vinegar water.

3.   If this vinegar solution doesn’t work, then you can make a meat tenderizer paste by combing unseasoned meat tenderizer with some water. Make sure that the consistency of this paste is loose.

4.   Apply this paste onto the stained area and let it sit in the stain for almost 24 hours.

5.   Afterwards, you can wash your fabric like you usually do.

For stains that are inclined towards a yellowish shade, you can make a paste by combining baking soda and water.

6.   Apply this paste onto the deodorant stain with the help of a sponge. Work it onto the stain by rubbing with a tooth brush.

7.   Then, let it sit onto the deodorant stain until it dries. Afterwards, launder the garment.

Even if this method fails to work then you can use ammonia as a final resort.

8.   Pour a few drops of ammonia directly onto the deodorant stain and rub with a clean cloth. Continue scrubbing gently until the stain fades or disappears.

9.   Eventually, wash the garment.

Aspirin can not only treat bodily pains, rather it can also act as an amazingly effective cleaning agent.

10.   In case none of the methods mentioned above works for you, then take half a cup of water and dissolve two tablets of aspirin in it.

11.   Use this aspirin solution to soak the stain. Scrub this aspirin soaked stain with an old tooth brush or a bristled brush until the stain starts coming off the fabric’s surface.

12.   Finally, wash the previously stained garment and allow it to air dry.


Do not apply excessive amounts of anti perspirants or deodorants, because this generous application wouldn’t make you sweat less, rather it will only leave behind bigger stains.


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