How to remove butter stains from shirts

Gone through that day when everything seems to start with a disaster and end with a disaster? And one of the biggest disasters of that day turns out to be spilling butter from your sandwich, down your front, while hurriedly munching on some breakfast?

Each one of us would probably have had these-butter-disaster days. Consequently our shirts get ruined and we end up with two choices. Either make a trip to the dumpster, bidding farewell to your shirt or either make some magic work and bid farewell to the stains.

Hereby, we shall be helping you to make this magic work. The following method is pretty simple and with a little prudence and caution, you will surely be able to get rid of any butter stains from scratch. Make sure that you act swiftly so that the butter stains can be easily removed. Follow the directions given below and end up with your shirt, which will be as good as new.

Things that you will require:
· Hot water
· Detergent
· WD-40/ hair spray/ lighter fluid
· Tooth brush

Steps that you need to take:

1.   When you get a butter stain on your shirt, the primary step which you ought to take is make sure that all excess butter is removed. For the removal of this excess butter, place the shirt underneath hot water before treating it with detergent or any other cleaning agent. This hot water will wash away the excess butter, paving way for successful removal of stain.

2.   Next, you have to take hold of a detergent and apply it directly on the stain. Since butter stain happens to be stubborn and refuses to come off easily, therefore we wouldn’t be applying diluted detergent. Rather it would be applied directly on the stain.It is vital that you go for such a detergent which has a grease-cutting quality, and for this particular reason, dish washing liquid is recommended.

3.   Let this detergent sit on the stain for some time, approximately 30 minutes; so that it can carry out its cleaning action effectively.

4.   Once this time period is over, soak the garment in hot water again for almost 15 minutes. This is done so that the stain particles are loosened and are prompted to come off the fabric.

5.   Finally check for any butter stain remnants. If they are still there, then repeat the above steps. Once you are sure that the butter stain is gone satisfactorily from shirt, wash the shirt like you normally do.

6.   The shirt ought to be put in dryer only when you are positive that there are no stain traces left. This precaution is important; otherwise heat from the dryer would set the butter stain further.

7.   If however, the stain tends to be persistent then it automatically calls for something stronger. For this heavy duty stain removal, you can either choose WD-40, hair spray or any lighter fluid.

8.      Apply any of these chemicals onto the stain and gently rub with a tooth brush.

9.      Eventually, rinse the stain with the hottest water possible.

 Tips and Warnings:

· Some of these cleaning agents can damage delicate fabrics; therefore before applying it onto the stain, check it on an inconspicuous area of the cloth beforehand.

· You need to be very careful while dealing with lighter fluid. Make sure that you are away from any igniting surface or substance.


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