How to remove pet poop stains from hardwood floors

Many people love keeping pets. Especially kids nurse a special tenderness for all sorts of pets. Yet keeping pets comes with its consequences. No matter how much you poop-train your pet, a situation may arise when your pet discharges feces on your hardwood floor. Not only is the stench and odor unbearable, but this poop stain can permanently discolor the wood, if it penetrates inside. Therefore it ought to be removed promptly. Moreover old poop stains left on your hardwood floor can destroy its appearance making it unsightly. Following are some methods which will help you to get rid of these stains and their accompanying stench.

Method One (For Fresh Stains)

Although, this method for the removal of ketchup stains from carpets is easy, yet every step ought to be followed with extreme care; so that the carpet fibers are not frayed or damaged in any way.

Things that you will require:

·      Plastic scraper
·      Trash bag
·      Paper towels
·      Baking Soda
·      Vacuum Cleaner
·      White Vinegar

Steps that you need to take:

1.   Removal of fresh stains is a great deal easier, as compared to the old ones. Primarily you have to scoop us as much fecal matter as you can. You can use a plastic scraper for this purpose. Moreover using an inverted trash bag can also be used to serve this end. Then dispose of this poopy substance in the trash can. Now a days you can come across many instruments in pet stores or hardware stores which can further aid you in this cleaning process.

2.   Once you take off the solid fecal substance from the top, you might notice that some residual liquid is present at the bottom and this residue is what stains the hardwood floor.

3.   To deal with this remnant poop, place paper towels on the top of the stain. Once the paper towels have absorbed as much liquid as they can, replace them with new towels.

4.   Keep on repeating this procedure until all the liquid from the stain has been absorbed.

5.   Poop stains are accompanied with strong stench as well. Therefore to get rid of this odor and any remaining moisture, spread baking soda on the stain and leave it overnight.

6.   Afterwards, vacuum that baking soda which has absorbed the moisture and odor from the poop stain.

7.   To make sure that all traces of pet poop stain have been removed from your hardwood floor, pour white vinegar on a clean cloth and rub the stain site with it. In this manner, the poop stain and its odor will be gone altogether.


 If you keep any pets, then you ought to regularly clean your hardwood floors with undiluted white vinegar. This will satisfactorily remove any odors, dirt and grime which your pets might have left. If you have any apprehensions regarding vinegar, then you ought to let go of them as vinegar is perfectly safe for wooden floors and acts as a good cleaner.
If the stains are old you can adopt the method below to get rid of pet poop stains.

Method two (For Old Stains)

If poop stains have penetrated inside your wood, discoloring it and ruining your hardwood floor, then this method is the most effective remedy for this problem. It removes the stain from the scratch and helps restore your wooden floor to its original state.

Things that you will require:

·      Undiluted Hydrogen peroxide
·      Clean cloth
·      Plastic wrap
·      Wood colored stain

Steps that you need to take:

1.    Old poop stains are harder to remove as they have most likely penetrated into the wood and discolored it. Therefore you ought to make use of a stronger cleaning solution.

2.   In this case hydrogen per oxide is used to get out the stain from hardwood floor. Apply a liberal amount of undiluted hydrogen per oxide on the stain area so that it gets amply saturated.

3.   Moreover soak a clean cloth with the same chemical and leave it lying over the stain.

4.   To get rid of this pet poop stain effectively, place a plastic wrap over the cloth which you had previously soaked in hydrogen peroxide. A sort of poultice will be formed. Leave it on the stain overnight so that all the remnants of the stain and any remaining odor can be satisfactorily removed.

5.   Afterwards clean the floor with a clean damp towel. You can also wipe it with a vinegar solution as an extra precaution. Wipe the floor until it gets dried.


If the stain has discolored your hardwood floor, then you can either sand the wood or get some colored stain to match your original wood color.


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