How to Remove Acid Stains from Concrete

Look around, and you notice that almost all of us have chosen concrete flooring for our houses’ patios and driveways. This may be because concrete is durable and requires little maintenance. However, one problem that all of us face with concrete driveways is that of acid stains. Appearing as simply red-orange rust stains, battery acid stains can actually prove to be hazardous for any kind of concrete flooring as they tend to eat the surface away.

Although most people tend to call professional cleaners to get rid of the acid stains from concrete, this job can be done at home if you know just the right method and things to use. This article provides you with solutions that can help you to get rid of the acid stains and retain the look of your houses’ concrete flooring.

Before you start cleaning, remember that you are dealing with dangerous chemicals. It is essential that you protect yourself. Wear rubber gloves, boots, goggles and a mask. Make sure to cover yourself fully such that no skin is exposed. Be careful!
After doing all necessary arrangements you can adopt any one of the following methods to get rid of Acid stains from your concrete flooring.

Method One (Using Oxalic Acid)

Things that you will require:

·      Broom
·      Oxalic Acid
·      Container
·      Water
·      Measuring cup
·      Brush or clean cloth
·      Garden hose
·      Concrete Sealer

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   Firstly, use your regular broom, and sweep away all the dust and dirt from the concrete.

2.   Now, grab a box of oxalic acid and a container. Pour warm water in the container, and add oxalic acid powder to it such that it dissolves completely. Follow the instructions on the box of acid regarding the ratios of the acid and the water to be mixed.

3.   Rinse the acid stained area with plain water using the garden hose.

4.   Let the area dry completely.

5.   Next, dip a brush or a clean cloth in the oxalic acid solution, and start applying the solution on to the stained area. Remember not to dip your hand in the solution.

6.   Once the entire acid stain has been covered by the solution, let the solution treat the stain for 15 to 20 minutes.

7.   To remove the applied solution from the concrete, wash away the affected area with plain water using again the garden hose.

8.   If you still see traces of acid on the concrete, repeat the above steps.

9.   Acids tend to weaken the concrete. Hence, once the stain has been entirely removed, apply concrete sealer to the concrete for future protection.

Method Two (Using Chlorine Bleach)

Things that you will require:

·      Broom
·      Spray bottle
·      Chlorine Bleach
·      Hard, bristle brush
·      Garden hose

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   The first step requires you to clean the concrete flooring so that the stain can be removed. Sweep away all the dust and dirt with a broom.

2.   Now, to start off, grab an empty spray bottle, and pour chlorine bleach in it.

3.   Saturate the entire stain in chlorine bleach.

4.   Leave the bleach in place for 5 minutes.

5.   Next, grab a hard, bristle brush, and start scrubbing the acid stain with it till it completely disappears.

6.   If the stain remains despite scrubbing for a while, repeat the above steps. This time, leave the chlorine bleach in place for slightly longer.

7.   Lastly, wash away the entire surface with water using the garden hose, and let the concrete dry completely.


Make sure that no one walks on the concrete while you are cleaning it. If all else fails, you can use muriatic acid on the concrete flooring for the acid stain removal. However, it is extremely toxic and should be used with caution as a last resort only. 


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