How to Remove Urine Stains from Toilet Seats

Toilet is an area that gets messy very quickly but at the same time it needs to be kept neat and clean for hygiene purposes. It should not have any Urine Stains attached to it as stains mean that it has bacteria. Toilet seat is a very sensitive area as if kept unclean and stain free it can result in lots of diseases and may carry not a very good impression on outsiders who may use your toilet. The key to cleaning your toilet is to use the below mentioned methods daily so that you will never have to deal with hard stains. If the stains have already developed, then the key to removing any stain is to remove it as soon as possible so it does not set in. So there are many methods of removing these stains from toilet seat. You can adopt any one of the following methods to remove Urine Stains from Toilet Seat.

Method 1 (Using Bleach & Toilet Cleaner)

Things you will be required:

·      Bleach.
·      Disposable piece of cloth.
·      Toilet cleaner.
·      Toilet cleaning brush.
·      Warm water.
·      Soap.
·      Lime scale remover.


1.   Before one goes on using toilet cleaning brush for cleaning purposes it is very important to understand that the toilet cleaning brush often has bacteria and stains trapped in it which if kept in toilet can often lead to bad smell. So it is very important to clean the brush in bleach before we go on using it for removing stain.

2.   Next before you go on cleaning hard stain, what is required first is that you hold your breath and with the help of clean disposable piece of cloth you should clean the toilet bowl and dispose away the cloth immediately.

3.   The next step will be to pour any of the toilets cleaner that you use regularly or you may even buy it from store, into the toilet bowl and keep in there for twenty to thirty minutes at least. Then after thirty minutes you may start scrubbing very carefully not leaving a single space. Then after five minutes you may flush to make it clear and clean.

4.   Then the seat and the handle should be cleaned with warm soapy water. Before you refill the toilet bowl you have to use a lime scale remover to remove lime scale. Any good company's lime scale remover will work to remove it. For more methods proceed below.

Method 2 (Using Bathroom Cleaner Spray)

Things you will be required:

·      Bathroom cleaner spray.
·      Dual side sponge.
·      One toilet brush.
·      Rubber gloves.


1.   First of all, spray on the Urine Stain bathroom cleaner spray.

2.   Then after spraying leave it alone for ten minutes. With the help of sponge you may scrub it from inside out to clean stains. You may use the rough side of the sponge for scrubbing purposes.

3.   Then you may wipe it with the clean side of the sponge and you will get rid of any Urine Stains.

4.   After that you can clean the remaining area of bowl and seat with the help of toilet brush and bathroom cleaner spray.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   It is very important to wear gloves when cleaning toilet bowl as it can lead to spread of bacteria and diseases as well.

2.   Always wear washroom slippers when involve in cleaning it as water can lead to slipping.

3.   When cleaning with the help of sponge do not wrap your fingers around it as it can lead to accidentally touching the seat so it is always advisable to wear rubber gloves.

4.   You should dispose of the sponge or any piece of cloth once you have used it, or if you want to reuse it then you have to give it a bleach wash.

5.   You may also spray an air freshener after cleaning to remove any bad smell.


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