How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Faucet

Hard water stains often develop in faucets and there are numerous reasons for that developing in kitchen faucets or any other area. However, our main concern is that how to remove this hard water stains. There are many methods of removing them as mentioned below. However, the key to removing any stain is to remove as soon as possible and not to repeat the mistakes which lead to the stain in initial phase. You can adopt anyone of the following methods to remove Hard Water Stains from Faucet.

Method 1 (Using Vinegar)

Things you will be required:

·      Screw tightener.
·      Running water.
·      A tooth brush.
·      Heat up vinegar.


1.   The first thing you need to do is to start unscrewing the end of the faucet this can be done with the help of screw tightener as well.

2.   Then you should remove any rubber gaskets if you see some. Then manually with the help of an old or even new tooth brush you should scrub it to remove any dirt or particles which for sure will exist.

3.   After that place the faucet filter in hot vinegar and you will see bubbles appearing.

4.   When it stops bubbling, you may scrub it again with a toothbrush and then give it a wash in running water. Your stain will be removed.

Method 2 (Using Turtle Wax Rubbing)

Things you will be required:

·      Water softener.
·      Turtle wax rubbing.
·      Polishing compound.
·      Sponge.


1.   Removing hard water stains from faucet with vinegar and baking soda have often proven ineffective. The key to removing it is with the help of turtle wax rubbing. So you need to purchase it for effective result.

2.   The first step involves adding water softener first. If you have well water at your supply then in that case it will not be hundred percent effective in removing stains, so you need to apply turtle wax rubbing and polishing compound on the stain area and after one hour you may scrub it with the help of the rough side of the sponge.

3.   Then you may remove the solution with the clean side of the sponge and the stain will be removed completely.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   You may wear gloves when applying the solution as the solution contains harsh chemicals that may affect your skin.

2.   Make sure to protect your fingers when the vinegar is hot as hot vinegar can stick on your fingers.

3.   You may implement the above mentioned methods weekly so that you do not have to deal with stubborn stains that are difficult to get rid of.

4.   It is always better to sample test an area before you go on applying it on the entire stain for effective results and so that next time you can improve.

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