How to remove grease stains from shirts?

You recently bought a very expensive shirt from one of the branded super stores for a party that is coming up. You try the shirt at home to make sure that you have other matching stuff with the shirt. You suddenly realize that you have left something in the kitchen and you go to the kitchen to sort your dish but accidently you put a grease stain on your new shirt.

Most of the people would lose it out there and then. However, there are various methods and solutions that you may implement to remove the grease stains from the shirt so that it becomes wearable at the party that you have long waited for. You may adopt any one of the following method depending on the availability of materials and how deep the stain is.

Method 1 (Solvent based stain removal)

Things you will be required:

·      Solvent based stain removal.
·      If you do not have solvent based stain removal you may get heavy duty liquid detergent.
·      A scrubbing brush.
·      If the stain is on small area you may also use spear toothbrush for scrubbing.
·      Bucket.
·      Hot water.
·      Arrangement for drying it.


1.   First, make sure to wet the area that has a grease stain on it.

2.   Second, apply some solvent based stain removal on the grease stain on the desired area.

3.   In case, you were unable to purchase solvent based stain removal, then you can also apply heavy duty liquid detergent which is widely available in markets.

4.   Then leave the solution applied on for at least thirty minutes.

5.   Make sure that the solution has been soaked well in, in the desired stain area.

6.   Then you may scrub the stain either with an old toothbrush or with a scrubbing brush.

7.   After this wash it as usual with hot water using a suitable amount of solvent.

8.   If the Grease Stain still present on your shirt repeat the process. The stain will be removed completely.

9.   Then put the shirt to dry.

Method 2 (Dry cleaner)

Things you will be required:

·      Some bucks of money.
·      A well-known dry cleaner.
·      Time.
·      Trust


1.   If you have no experience in dealing with stains, it is better not to experiment with your new shirt.

2.   Go to your nearest dry cleaner.

3.   Give him your shirt for dry cleaning on an urgent basis as you have to wear it in the party soon.

4.   Sign the sheet and keep a copy of it.

5.   Hand him few bucks of money.

6.   Pick up your shirt from the dry cleaner next day.

7.   The shirt will be ironed and cleaned, ready for you to wear at the party.

Method 3 (Dish washing liquid)

Things you will be required:

·      Dish washing liquid that you commonly use at you home.
·      A scrubbing brush.
(If you want to save cost you can also use an old toothbrush for scrubbing purposes.)
·      Hot water.
·      Bucket.


1.   Soak the shirt in bucket of hot water for the stain to loosen up.

2.   Then after ten minutes take the shirt out.

3.   Apply dish washing liquid on grease stain.

4.   Put the solution applied on for thirty minutes.

5.   Scrub the area with a scrubbing brush or an old toothbrush.

6.   After this wash it as usual with hot water using a suitable amount of solvent.

7.   Put the shirt to dry and it will be cleaned ready to wear.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   Make sure not to apply the entire bottle of solution on the shirt, measure the quantity and then apply.

2.   Solution such as heavy duty liquid detergent have high chemicals, so make sure to wear gloves when using them.

3.   When handing your shirt to the dry cleaner make sure that the dry cleaner promises to remove the stain.

4.   Negotiate the sum of money beforehand so that you do not have to pay anything extra later on.

5.   A toothbrush for scrubbing may consume more time and effort.