How to remove blood stains from sheets?

Blood stains on sheets are a menace. Not only, they are difficult to remove but it also affects large area. Thus it become time consuming and require lot of effort to remove the stain which may consume one entire day. However, there are solutions which may do the job quickly and with less effort. Such stains can be cause from blood coming out as a result of injuries, animals getting hurt on sheets that you lay below them or because of many other reasons.

Removing such stains is very important because otherwise the sheet will go to waste. Also if cleaning is done not on time, the sheet may also produce bad smell which may spread on other things that are kept around the sheet. There are various methods and solutions that you can apply on the sheets to remove Blood Stains. Some of them are listed below.

Method 1 (Using Hydrogen peroxide & Baking Soda)

Things you will be required:

·      Hydrogen peroxide which will easily available in the market.
·      Pieces of clean cloth.
·      Laundry detergent that is powdered as it does its job better.
·      Bucket of cold water.
·      A scrubbing brush.
·      Small bowl to make a paste.
·      Ammonia.
·      Baking soda.
·      Any regular hair shampoo that you use at home.
·      Toothbrush.


1.   The first step is to apply some of the hydrogen peroxide on a clean piece of cloth.

2.   After that, make sure to wipe the blood stain with that hydrogen peroxide on the cloth.

3.   Then, soak the sheet in cold water.

4.   What you have to do now is to make a paste of a powdered laundry detergent and some cold water in a bowl.

5.   Then apply that paste on the area that has the blood stain.

6.   Pour some small amount of ammonia on the stain. Leave it for 15 minutes.

7.   After that clean sheet in cold water.

8.   Then again you have to pour some hydrogen peroxide on the stain with some baking soda to cover the stain entirely and scrub it.
(You can use any brush for scrubbing the stain even toothbrush will work in this case. Continue adding hydrogen peroxide and baking soda).

9.      As you are scrubbing you can also keep adding shampoo to scrub the stain more efficiently and quickly.

10.   Keep scrubbing until the Blood Stains completely removed from the sheet.

Method 2 (Using Salt)

Things you will be required:

·      Small amount of salt.
·      Bucket of cold water.
·      Some open space where you can lay the sheets.
·      Small and clean pieces of cloth.
·      A brush for scrubbing.


1.   First soak some clean piece of cloth into fresh water and clean the blood stain with the piece of cloth to lighten the stain. Do it for almost thirty minutes so that stain becomes loose and light which will aid in further cleaning.

2.   Then sprinkle salt in to the entire area that has stain.

3.   Pour some cold water and pour salt again.

4.   Scrub the stain after thirty minutes keep scrubbing until the stain has been removed completely from the sheets.

5.   If the stain still appears you may add more salt and repeat the process until the stain has been removed.

Method 3 (Using Shampoo & Liquid Detergent)

Things you will be required:

·      Cold water.
·      Bucket.
·      Any regular shampoo that you use.
·      A brush for scrubbing.
·      Some of the liquid cleaning detergent if the stain is deep.


1.   Soak the sheets in cold water for almost ten minutes.

2.   Take out the sheets and change the water for further use.

3.   After that apply any regular shampoo that you use on the stain and keep it applied on for twenty minutes.

4.   If the stain is very deep you may further apply liquid cleaning detergent.

5.   Keep it applied on for ten minutes.

6.   Scrub the stain with a toothbrush or any scrubbing brush.

7.   Redo the process if still some stain appears.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   When using salt make sure that salt is thick one to make a good paste.

2.   Make sure that water is cold enough and not room temperature.

3.   When using hydrogen peroxide make sure to wear gloves.

4.   If you haven’t use any of the above methods you may first sample experiment an area to test which method will suit your stain.

5.   Make sure when you are buying solutions you check the expiry date.

6.   Also when removing stains make sure that the stain does not touch other things as then there will be no point in removing a stain which attaches to another stain.