How to remove grass stains from jeans

Grass stains on jeans are a common problem from people of all ages. Be it kids playing in the garden or be it teenagers sitting on grass with their group of friends having a cup of coffee. No matter what you cannot simply avoid the stain instead you can remove the stain.
Jeans are that sort of clothing that you can where any time anyhow and you need to keep it clean so that next time you go out with your friends and families you are looking clean and tidy in front of your friends and families.

There are many methods of removing such stains and one can follow any method according to suitability and materials available at home. The methods will also vary depending on how deep the grass stain is and how old the stain is. Make sure to remove the stain as soon as possible as delaying it will make things worse for you. You can adopt any one of the following methods for the removal of Grass Stains from Jeans.

Method 1

Things you will be required:

·      Water enough that is equal to bucket of water.
·      Baking soda.
·      Scrubbing brush with soft bristles.
·      Washing powder.


1.   First soak jeans in a bucket of water.

2.   Then add washing powder in it.

3.   Keep in there for five minutes.

4.   Then wash jeans in fresh water.

5.   After that add some baking soda in small amount of water and make a paste.

6.   Then apply that paste on the area of the jean that has a stain.

7.   Keep the paste applied on for at least twenty minutes.

8.   Scrub the stain with the help of a scrubbing brush having soft bristles.

9.   Wash the jeans as usual.

10.   The Grass stain on your jeans will be removed.

11.   If the stain still appears, you can redo the entire process until the stain has been completely removed.

Method 2

Things you will be required:

·  Washing powder.
·  Scrubbing brush.
·  Toothpaste.
·  Vinegar
·  Baking soda.


1.   Before washing the jeans, pour some vinegar on the stain area and keep it applied on for at least ten minutes.

2.   After that do normal washing of the jeans with washing powder, the vinegar and washing powder will remove much of the stain.

3.   After that mix some baking soda in water, make a paste and then apply that on the stain area.

4.   Keep the paste applied on for twenty minutes.

5.   Apply some toothpaste on the stain area.

6.   Scrub the stain with a scrubbing brush.

7.   Keep scrubbing until the stain has been completely removed.

8.   Redo the process if you still find parts of stain attached.

Method 3 (Digestive Enzyme Tablet)

Things you will be required:

·      Cold water.
·      Digestive enzyme tablets.
·      A bowl or cup.
·      Clothes washing detergent.
·      Knife.


1.   Use the dull knife to scrub any mud or other particles attached on the stain area.

2.   Grind two to three digestive enzymes tablets into cup.

3.   Add some cold water into cup and make a paste.

4.   Make sure that paste is creamy.

5.   Apply that paste on the stain area.

6.   Keep it applied on for twenty minutes.

7.   Scrub the paste with dull knife.

8.   Without removing the paste using any washing powder you’re your jeans and the stain will be removed.

9.   If the Grass stain still appears you may redo the entire process until the stain has been removed.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   Make sure to use the knife carefully.

2.   Do not over apply baking soda.

3.   Do not put too much toothpaste as it may fade the color of the jeans.

4.   Wear gloves when making paste.

5.   Make sure to rinse eyes with cold water in case paste goes into any part of your face.

6.   Time yourself properly, if over time it may lead to fading of jeans and if under time then the stain will not be removed effectively.