How to remove Chocolate Stains from Carpet

Chocolate is a snack that is eaten at every home, be it kids or be it elders. It is one if the favorite snacks. However, sometimes the same chocolate can cause trouble. Those of you, who have kids at their home they must be well aware of this problem of chocolate stains on carpet. Kids have the habit of throwing eatable, spreading chocolates on carpet and then picking it up. For them it’s a game and for us it is about the beauty of our house.

However, we do not have to worry much as these chocolates stains can be removed easily from carpet by adopting several methods. Chocolates stains if treated on time can be easily removed; however, if we delay the cleaning process only then things may become worse. Several methods are mentioned below which one may choose depending on what sort of materials you have at your disposal and you can adopt any one of them.

Method 1

Things you will be required:

·      A normal knife that you use to spread butter.
·      A vacuum cleaner.
·      Paper towels or brown papers.
·      Iron.
·      Scrubbing brush.


1.   First of all, use a butter knife to scrub the carpet that has stain on it.You will notice that chocolate particles will start appearing in the form of powder as you scrub along.

2.   Use your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the carpet.

3.   Place paper towels on the area that has stain on it.

4.   Start your iron and set it to medium temperature.

5.   Very carefully, iron above the paper towels. You will notice that chocolate starts sticking on the paper. Make sure that the entire chocolate has been removed.

6.   If not, start the process again until the entire chocolate has been removed.

Method 2

Things you will be required:

·      Dry white towel.
·      A big spoon.
·      Paper towels.
·      Cold water for rinsing purposes.
·      A club soda.
·      Bleach less, liquid detergent.
·      Ammonia.
·      Hydrogen peroxide.


1.   Use the spoon on the stain area to scrub any excess mound of stain that is chocolate from the carpet so further cleaning becomes hassle free.

2.   Using white dry towels blot up any excess chocolate that you have scrubbed.

3.   Pour club soda and some cold water ensuring that you do not soak the carpet.

4.   Spread some liquid detergent on the stain; make sure you put in small quantity.

5.   Wipe the carpet with wet towels and make sure the stain has been removed somewhat.

6.   If the stain still appears then you should make an ammonia paste.

7.   Mix some ammonia into cold water and then apply on the stain area.

8.   Using cold water, rinse the carpet without soaking it.

9.   Apply hydrogen peroxide after you have removed ammonia with cold water.

10.   Leave the hydrogen peroxide applied on for twenty minutes.

11.   Using cold water, rinse the carpet without soaking it.

12.   If the stain still appears redo the entire process until it is completely removed.

Method 3

Things you will be required:

·      Two small cups.
·      Bucket of water.
·      Liquid Dish washing soap.
·      Small wet towels.
·      Brown papers or newspapers that are out of use.
·      Ammonia.
·      Cup of warm water.
·      Hydrogen peroxide.


1.   First of all, make a solution. Add one tbsp. liquid dish washing soap into two cups of cold water. Make sure the solution does not have excess water that it becomes ineffective totally.

2.   Apply the solution into the area that has a stain. Leave the solution applied on for ten minutes.

3.   Wipe the solution with wet towels.

4.   Dry it with papers or newspapers.

5.   If the stain still remains because it was an old stain then in that case mix ammonia in hot water (two cups of warm water and one tbsp. ammonia) and apply it on the stain.

6.   Remove it after thirty minutes by rinsing.

7.   Apply 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide and remove it after ten minutes. Make sure the stain has been completely removed.

8.   If not, you may repeat the entire process to ensure that the stain has been removed.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   Cover surrounding sofas and chairs with newspapers when cleaning as it will prevent the chocolate stain from spreading into other areas.

2.   You can use any air freshener to prevent chocolate smell from coming.

3.   Make sure that you do not use a sharp knife.

4.   Temperature of the iron is not high as it can burn the carpet further.

5.   Add club soda in limited amount as it can soak carpet.

6.   Wear gloves when applying ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.

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