How to remove tobacco stain from fingers

          Are you a chain smoker or is someone close to you in the habit of smoking a great deal? If so, then you must be familiar with the terrible yellowish nicotine stains which blight the natural beauty of your fingers. Do you wonder why tobacco has such a vivid and aggravating impact on your skin? The answer is pretty simple and doesn’t need any sci-fi logic to figure it out.

Nicotine in its natural form happens to be an oily liquid which can easily absorb into the moisture present on your skin. It has the potential of seeping into multiple layers of your skin and consequently it discolors your skin. When you hold a cigarette between your fingers for long, the nicotine can seep into your skin pores and taint it, leaving you behind with fingers which are darkly stained and a humiliation to look at. Yet the world doesn’t end here. Hereby, we are providing you with some effective tips which will enable you to get rid of these annoying stains.

 However the bottom line of the matter is to QUIT SMOKING, because you cannot expect these stains to disappear into thin air, while all along you keep on providing them fodder to feed on.

So say hasta la vista to tobacco and hail clean, stain free fingers.

Various Natural Methods for Tobacco Stain Removal

Various Commercial products which guarantee satisfactory stain removal comprise of harsh chemical soaps, which ultimately leave your skin over dried, cracked and unpleasant to look at. Moreover, they also leave behind traces of brown. To cure this situation, we provide you with some completely natural tips that would not only clean these tobacco stains but bestow your hands with a natural, glowing beauty as well. Read below to know about all these methods.

Things that you will require:
· Lemon
· Potato
· Aspirin
· Pumice
· Tooth paste
· Vitamin E oil
· Hot water

Procedure to use each natural ingredient:

1.   First of all, you ought to take a lemon and rub it deeply into your tobacco/nicotine stain. Lemon is known across the globe for being a natural and credible astringent. Its cleansing properties are indeed commendable. For these very reasons we have opted for lemon as it cleanses your skin deeply without causing it to over dry.

2.   Next, you can consider opting for a potato. Potato juice can work wonders. Cut a potato in half and rub it on your stained fingers. Allow its juice to sit on the tobacco/nicotine stain for some time, approximately 10 to 15 minutes so that it can carry out its cleansing action effectively and deeply. Afterwards, you can rinse your fingers. Not only this, but your simple chore of peeling potatoes also has a positive impact on your tobacco stained fingers.

3.    Aspirin is truly a miraculous pill, for it not only treats your fever and body pains, but it can also help in the removal of nicotine/tobacco stains from your fingers. Take one cup of hot water and dissolve an aspirin tablet into it. Consider it to be a cleaning solution. Soak your fingers in this solution for some time. Hopefully by the time you are done with it, your fingers will show a considerable improvement. You can repeat this process after an interval of some days for a more noticeable effect.

4.   Pumice has also known to be pretty effective when it comes to tobacco stain removal from fingers. If the tobacco stain is stubborn and refuses to get out of your skin, then get pumice stone and work on the stain with it. Keep on rubbing the pesky stain with this stone until the majority of the stain is gone.

5.   Take some toothpaste on your finger and rub it gently on the stain. Tooth paste also has disinfecting traits and it can help you get rid of the annoying tobacco remnants.

 Tips and Warnings:

· The Aspirin water method is also effective in the removal of tobacco stains from clothing and skin.

· Nicotine is capable of soaking into your skin, cracking it, and consequently staining it, when you provide it with a suitable substrate. Regularly moisturizing your skin with vitamin E oil can hinder this seepage of nicotine into your skin. Make it a habit of using vitamin E for your skin on daily basis, and end up with hands which are not only stain-free, but also healthy and beautiful.

· Excessive use of pumice stone can damage you skin, building calluses. Therefore, once the major stubborn stain has gone, resort to other gentler methods.

· A mixture of salt and lemon also works well.’

· QUIT SMOKING and let the healing process work over time.


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