How to remove candle wax from carpets

 Were you intent upon making your own lip balm or cute flashy candles, and before you were even aware of this fact, you had candle wax dripped all over your carpet? However the scenario tends to be even worse, when the carpet isn’t yours to start with.

Having visions of your deposit going down the drain? Moreover it’s not  only the deposit you will have to rid your hands of, rather someone is definitely going to get ticked at you and we usually tend to avoid these little quarrels when we know that the mistake happens to be entirely on our part.

Tried scrubbing, scraping and soaking? Nothing worked? Well, hold on your breath and don’t let your spirits dwindle; because hereby we would be equipping you with the perfect artillery to battle these hideous stains.

With our simple and effective tips, you will surely be able to remove these candle stains from carpet and revel in your handiwork. You can adopt any one of the following methods

             Method One (Using an ice pack and rubbing alcohol)

This method is one of the best ways to remove melted wax from your carpet. If you are someone who loves making candles, then make sure you have this method on your fingertips. After all you wouldn’t want your landlord kicking you out, merely because you are in the habit of ruining his carpets.

Things that you will require:

· Knife
· Some ice cubes
· Rubbing alcohol
· Ammonia
· Clean White Cloths
· Vacuum

Steps that you need to take:

1.   First of all, you have to remove all the obvious and excessive hard wax on the stain. To do this, get a knife and get to work. Use its blunt end to pry off all the wax from the scratch.

2.   Some wax remnants would definitely be left behind. In order to remove them, we shall be treating them with an ice pack. Take some ice cubes in a plastic bag and place this bag over the stain for a couple of minutes. The remaining traces of wax will harden due to this ice pack. Afterwards, you can easily scrape off this hardened wax by using the blunt edge of the knife.

3.   In order to make sure that you have successfully removed all the candle wax traces from carpet, take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum away as much of the remaining wax as possible. It is best if you make use of an upholstery attachment for this purpose. In case you are wondering what an upholstery attachment is, it is the rectangular vacuum attachment with little teeth.

4.   Use this attachment to work towards the base of the fibers so that the vacuum cleaner might lift and suck away as much wax as possible.

5.   You might have got rid of all the wax remnants by now, but if the candle was a colored one, then it is the dye stain which you still have to worry about.

6.   Treating this colored stain can also be easy if you know what to do. Take a white cloth and dab some rubbing alcohol or ammonia on it. Use it to blot the stain. Once you are sure that the candle wax stain has been removed, blot the stain with clean water and pat it dry.

7.   Eventually, you will end up with a stain free carpet.

8.   Now the last thing that you have to do is take pleasure in your handiwork and be careful the next time you handle wax.


1.   Only blot the stain with rubbing alcohol in order to remove it. Do not rub as it can fray the fibers. Do not soak, as rubbing alcohol can damage the backing of the carpet. Moreover keep changing the cloths as color of the stain will transfer from the carpet to the cloth.

2.   Make sure that the ice pack doesn’t leak or condenses as moisture will make it harder to get out the candle wax stain. To prevent this from happening, use a waterproof plastic bag for your ice pack.

Method two (Using Iron and Paper Bag)

When it comes to candle wax, the following method is the one which is deployed the most. This is because it is very simple and has yielded satisfactory results across the globe. The philosophy working behind this method is to melt the wax in order to remove it. A little heat and pressure will do the trick. Proceed in the following way.

Things that you will require:

· Iron
· Paper towels

(That’s it. Yes, we told you, it’s simple indeed.)

Steps that you need to take:

1.   Before you move on to the melting part, you can try scraping off the excess wax and vacuuming up the bits. (Although, this isn’t mandatory, you can do it, if you feel like doing so and want to ensure spick and span results.)

2.   Next, you will have to take an iron and adjust it on the lowest heat setting. This is done to make sure that the heat from iron only melts the candle wax and not your carpet’s synthetic fibers.

3.   Now, take some Kraft paper or paper bags and place a single layer of this paper on the top of the waxy spot.

4.   Start ironing this paper. Apply a little pressure and you will get to see immediate results. Iron will melt the wax, which will in turn get absorbed into the Kraft paper.

5.   You can keep on replacing the Kraft paper, as required.

6.   Ultimately, all the candle wax will melt and will be drawn out of the carpet, rewarding you with a stain free carpet; which will be a delight to look at.


1.   If some waxy residue is left on the carpet, then take some dry cleaning solvent and blot the stain with it. The result will hopefully be satisfactory.

2.   You can also consider sprinkling on a little carpet freshener to make sure that you carpet smells nice, once you are done treating the stain.

3.   Treat this candle wax stain as swiftly as you can, the longer it stays on the carpet, the harder will its removal be.


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