How to remove blood stains from carpets

       Blood stains on your carpet can freak you out. This is because blood can be reminiscent of bad things, while at the same time the worst side of the picture is that these bloody stains having all sorts of negative connotations can be very difficult to remove, if not treated properly.
Nosebleeds and Children’s little accidents are some of the common causes for having blood spills on your carpets which consequently stain it. Blood is an organic stain and it needs to be removed carefully and swiftly, before it has time to set in deeply in your carpet fibers. Obviously, before you treat the stain, you have to take care of the cause which resulted into the stain i.e. an injured or wounded person. But eventually you have to battle these blood stains so that your carpet doesn’t get ruined for good.

Hereby, we provide you with some effective and inexpensive tips which will serve as your artillery against these stubborn stains. Follow these tips and ultimately revel in your handiwork.

Method One (Using Detergent and Ammonia)

 The following procedure starts from the gentlest method, i.e. it initially deploys a mixture of detergent and water to remove this stain. If the blood stain is fresh, it will hopefully be drawn out and consequently be removed by the stain removing powers of detergent; yet if it fails to do so then we bring the stronger power of ammonia into play.

Things that you will require:

· Steel brush
· 1 tea spoon of  hand washing detergent
· 2 cups of cold water
· Clean white cloth
· ½ cup of warm water
· 1 table spoon of ammonia
· Sponge
· Cold water

Steps that you need to take:

1.    If the blood stain you are dealing with, happens to be dry then take hold of a steel brush. Gently rub the dried blood with this brush so that the surface deposit might be removed.

2.    Next, you have to make a cleaning solution by mixing 1 tea spoon of detergent with two cups of cool water.

3.    Pour this solution onto a clean white cloth and then use this cloth to blot the blood stain.

4.    If the stain happens to be stubborn and doesn’t come off easily, then repeat the steps 2 and 3.

5.    If, despite the repetition of above steps the stain still persists, then it is time you deploy a stronger cleaning solution. To make this stronger solution, you ought to take 1 table spoon of ammonia and mix it with half cup of warm water.

6.    Using a sponge, blot this solution onto the stain and continue blotting until the stain comes off.

7.    Finally, take some clean water and blot the stain with this clean water to remove all stain remnants and traces of both cleaning agents.

8.    Ultimately, pat this previously stained area dry.

Tips and Warnings

1.   Always use cold water while treating blood stains because blood is an organic stain and warm water might set it in further, instead of removing it.

2.   However, ammonia solution should always be made with warm water.

3.   Use a white cloth to blot the stain, otherwise a colored cloth might transfer its color to the carpet; eventually you would end up with an additional stain to worry about.

4.   Before treating the blood stain with ammonia solution, check it primarily on any inconspicuous area of the carpet.

Method Two (Using Hydrogen per oxide)

Per oxide is a renowned stain removing agent and works pretty effectively in this case as well. Its oxygen has the capacity to dissolve and get rid of any stains and this method relies upon this very characteristic of hydrogen per oxide to get out blood stains from your carpet. For this method proceed in the following way.

Things that you will require:

· Cloth
· Brush
· Hydrogen per oxide
· Warm water
· Salt

Steps that you need to take:

1.   First of all you need to wipe off any excess blood from the stain if it happens to be fresh; if not then take a brush and gently rub off the dried blood deposit.

2.   Afterwards, make a 50/50 hydrogen peroxide solution with warm water.

3.   Taking a sponge, blot this solution onto the blood stain until you see the stain starting to disappear.

4.   Lastly, rub some salt into the stain and voila the blood stain on your carpet will have become history by now.

Method Three (Using Water)

Water gives life and nourishes life; rather our very existence springs from water. You might be familiar with a multitude of benefits which water claims to its name, yet did you know that water can also play a pivotal role in stain removal techniques all by itself? If you did not, then it’s time that you do, because the following method will deploy the miraculous stain-lifting power of water.

Things that you will require:

· Cold water
· Spray bottle
· White cotton towel
· White distilled vinegar

 Steps that you need to take:

1.   This method revolves around the use of cold water, so make sure you have cold water available at your disposal.

2.   Spray the stain with this cold water.

3.   Afterwards, get hold of a white paper towel and use it to blot the blood stain and absorb water from it.

4.   Blot it in such a manner that each time you blot, you make use of a clean area of the towel.

5.   Continue this blotting process until you are sure that no more color is transferring to the towel.

6.   After this, you can pat that particular area dry.

7.   Yet if you feel that that area is excessively wet then take several paper towels. Lay these towels on the stain and weigh them down so that they can absorb all the moisture.

8.   If this water removal technique fails to remove the stain successfully from carpet, then take one part distilled white vinegar and mix it with two parts water.

9.   Spray this cleaning solution on the stain and keep blotting, until the blood stain disappears from carpet.

10.   Lastly, rinse the stain with clean water.


Only blot the stain instead of rubbing it, because otherwise you might end up pushing the blood deeper into carpet fibers.


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