How to remove butter stains from upholstery

 Have you ever spilled your butter muffin on your mother’s upholstered chair? Or has your kid dropped his butter and ham sandwich on your upholstered sofa? Whatever the situation might be, having butter stains on your upholstery is definitely annoying.

The following method will help you to get rid of these greasy stains from scratch. Here too, time is of vital importance so make sure you treat these butter stains as swiftly as possible before they ruin your upholstery for good.   

Removal of Butter Stains Using corn starch, a citrus solvent and ammonia

The following method makes use of all powerful stain lifting agents which help in the cutting of grease. Therefore, eventually you will get rid of all sorts of butter stains from your upholstery.
Things that you will require:

·      Dish washing soap
·      Citrus solvent
·      Dry Solvent
·      Corn starch or talcum powder
·      Citrus solvent
·      Clean cloth
·      Upholstery cleaner
·      Bucket
·      vacuum

Steps that you need to take:

1.   Primarily, cover the stained area with corn starch or talcum powder. Both of these commodities happen to be good absorbing agents and can absorb maximum oil produced by butter from the stain.

2.   Afterwards, vacuum up this residue from the stain.

3.   Later, apply dish washing soap on this butter stain and agitate it lightly with your fingers. This will help in the removal of butter stain to some extent as dish washing soap tends to be grease-cutting. Allow this dish washing soap to set in the stain for some time.

4.   Afterwards, blot the butter stain with a clean cloth soaked in water to rinse the stain.

5.   If the stain happens to be stubborn, then use a dry cleaning solvent. Apply this solution on the stain and then blot with a clean cloth.

6.   If this also doesn’t work or if you want to try some other option then go for a citrus solvent, and spray it on the stain.

7.   After letting it sit for some time, blot it with a clean cloth to remove all traces of stain and the cleaning agents.


Before applying ammonia solution onto the stain, check it first on an inconspicuous area to check color fastness. If any damage appears, then go for the second option which deploys citrus solvent.


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