How to remove bird poop stains from cars

Parked your car underneath a tree and received a present from your little feathery friend perched on top of it?

During sunny days, trees seem to provide the best shade for your cars. When the sun is high above your heads, glaring in the skies; many classic car owners opt to park under shady trees to protect their car’s paint work from the scorching sun.

Yet this natural parking area comes with its consequences. Before you know, your car is stained with bird muck. Now, although these little birds are very innocent but their poop stains aren’t that harmless. Bird poop stains can permanently damage your paint work, if not removed swiftly and adequately.

It all depends upon what the bird had digested, before it decided to egest right on your precious car. However, there are remedies to battle these poop stains on your car. Some of these are given below.

Method One (Using no salt seltzer water)

Bird poop can be highly acidic and has the potential of ruining your paint work for good, if left untreated for long. This method which employs no salt seltzer water will enable you to effectively get rid of any bird poop stains on your car and to bid them adieu.

Things that you will require:

·      No salt seltzer water
·      Any good polishing compound
·      Scratch remover
·      wax

Steps that you need to take:

1.    Rubbing the poop stain or wiping it off can sometimes further ruins your paintwork. (To find out why is it so, check out the precaution given below).

Birds probably make use of gravel to digest their food. So if you simply try wiping the stain off with a wet towel, it is very likely that instead of wiping the stain off the car’s paintwork, you end up wiping grit into it.

2.     To counter any poopy stains on your car, always carry a no salt seltzer water bottle in the trunk of your car.

3.    You might be wondering what this no salt seltzer water is. Basically this is simply water and carbon di oxide. The trick lies in using this water appropriately.

4.    Take the lid off, put your thumb over the spout and shake it really well.

5.    A blast of water will be created which will wash away any acidic poop stains, wrecking your car paintwork.

6.    In case the poop stain on your car is old, and has already caused some damage to the paintwork; go for a good polishing compound or a scratch remover, followed by a coat of wax. For old poop stain on your car, you can also go for the following method.

Method two (Using detail spray and micro fiber cloth)

This method works really well for the removal of bird poop stains especially old stains from your car. Just be careful that you do not try wiping the stain off directly. Follow all the instructions given below and bid farewell to poop stains for good.

Things that you will require:

·      Bird muck wipes
·      Detail spray
·      Micro fiber cloths
·      Milk
·      Quick wax

Steps that you need to take:

1.    It is already established that bird droppings happen to be acidic, therefore if it is possible for you to lay your hands on some milk, then do so. This will help to neutralize some of the acids which bird poop might contain, and in consequence some of the stain damage will be prevented.

2.    Bird poop might be containing seeds, pips, gravel and other harder materials. Therefore you wouldn’t want to just wipe this substance off the car, without first softening it. To serve this purpose either you could use some quick wax or a liberal amount of detailing spray on a microfiber cloth.

3.    Place the damp side of this cloth onto the dried poop stain and pour some water onto it.

4.    The water should be just enough that it thoroughly soaks the cloth but not so much that it streams down the car.

5.    Next, pinch the cloth which is placed on the dropping with your fingers and carefully lift it off the car instead of wiping it.

6.    Finally, once the bird poop has been removed from your car, again apply detailing spray on the area and rub with a clean microfiber cloth, until the stain has got out entirely.


Hopefully these methods will get out the stains effectively, however if the poop stain has already damaged the paintwork by the time you treat it, then make a visit to your local hardware or auto store and get some products which will help reduce and remove the marks.


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