How to remove shoe polish stains from hands

Shoe polish can help restore life to your shoes. It brings out their former glory making them sparkle. Obviously you love going out with pomp, with your shoes shining. Yet this very polish that brings out the best of your shoes can make your hands look really ugly. Shoe polish undeniably bestows a sophisticated and inviting look upon your wardrobe. However your hands become very unsightly and uninviting, if stained with this very polish.

Shoe polish stains not only make your hands ugly to look at, but they also make your skin crack. Consequently polish may seep into your skin, and such stains may become very difficult to remove. Since shoe polish happens to be a bonding agent, therefore it can stain your hands too when it comes in contact with them. Fortunately we have some tips and remedies to effectively counter this situation and get rid of polish stains.

Method One (Using Turpentine and Garage Soap)

 This method is simple and effective. It adequately removes polish stains from your hands and restores them to their original soft state. Moreover it masks any bad odor accompanying polish or other chemicals as well.

Things that you will require:

·      Turpentine
·      Wash cloth
·      Garage Soap
·      Perfumed Soap

Steps that you need to take:

1.    To get rid of any polish stains from your hands, primarily you have to apply some turpentine on a wash cloth. Afterwards rub that cloth on your stained hands. Continue rubbing the cloth gently until all traces of polish stain disappear. Turpentine is not applied directly on skin, rather on a wash cloth first so that your skin might not incur any damage from it.

2.   Next step includes washing your hands. Your choice of soap in this context should be very particular. You ought to go for gritty garage soap. Its rough texture and granules will help rub off any remnants of the stain.

3.   Rinse your hand with cold water, making sure that soap and turpentine are satisfactorily washed away.

4.   A consequence of this method is the lingering odor left behind. This smell of turpentine combined with the garage soap and polish can be quite annoying. Therefore in order to mask that smell, you can consider washing your hands again with a perfumed soap.

5.   In this manner you will end up with clean and nice smelling hands, which will be free of polish stains.


The best precaution to save your hands from any polish stains is to wear gloves while polishing.

Method two (Using Acetone and Liquid Dish Soap)

At times laying your hands on turpentine and gritty garage soap might not be very feasible .Moreover you just cannot hang around with polish stains on your hands until the required ingredients become available. In such a situation this latter method is very convenient as it comprises of ingredients which are usually available at all times and in all homes. Thus, removal of polish stains from skin becomes quite easy.

Things that you will require:

·      Acetone/nail polish remover
·      Warm water
·      Liquid dish soap
·      Moisturizing lotion

Steps that you need to take:

1.    After placing your hands over a sink, pour acetone over them. If acetone is not readily available, then you can even use any nail polish remover. Rub any of the two chemicals thoroughly on your hand so that the polish stain is loosened.

2.    Then take some grease-cutting liquid dish washing soap and apply it on your hands. Rub your hands together, alternately rinsing them with warm water. If the stain still hasn’t got out, then pour some more dish washing soap, and continue rubbing and rinsing.

3.    Once the polish stains has been satisfactorily removed, dry your hands and apply some moisturizing lotion.

4.   In this way, your hands will be restored to their former clean, smooth and supple state.


Go for a perfumed moisturizing lotion to mask any irritating odors coming off your hands.


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