How to remove Mustard Stain from carpet

People love putting different toppings on their food to enhance the flavor. The use of one of these toppings has become a tradition in some households. This topping is mustard. Some people don’t eat their food till they have some mustard on their food. Mustard is very different from other toppings in terms of its taste but if some of it accidently gets spilled on the carpet, unlike other topping it will take time to remove the stains because the main ingredient of mustard is turmeric.

In order to remove mustard stains from a carpet it is best to take action immediately after it has spilled. The turmeric in it has a dying effect on the fibers of the carpet. In order to remove the mustard stains effectively here are some methods which have proven to be successful.

Method 1 (All Carpets Safe Cleaning Solution)

This method is extremely easy but may take some time. The ingredients used are easily available. Make sure you follow the method exactly.

Things that you will require:

·      Cleaning solution (all carpets safe)
·      Cleaning towels
·      Cold water
·      Spray bottle
·      Heavy book (or weight)
·      Butter knife

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   Use the butter knife to remove the mustard on the surface of the stained carpet. If the stain is fresh, scrape inwards so that the stain doesn’t affect the clean areas. Use the cleaning towel to clean the knife edges every time you pick any mustard.

2.   Apply the cleaning solution on the carpet. Make sure you have bought the one that can be used on all kinds of carpets without damaging them.

3.   Clean the stained area again with the cleaning towel. The cleaning solution will dilute the mustard in the stain making it easy to transfer the stain onto the cleaning towel.

4.   Fill the spray bottle with enough water so that the spraying is easily possible. Spray the stained area and use the cleaning towel to absorb all the cleaning solution as well as the leftover mustard.

5.   Now take a new cleaning towel and spread it on the mustard stain and put the heavy book or a heavy weight of your choosing on the cleaning towel. Leave it on the towel for 4 to 5 hours. For best results leave it overnight.

6.   Remove the weight in the morning to see a successful mustard stain removal. Now let the carpet dry naturally.

Method 2 (Using Liquid Detergent)

This method has proved to be very successful. It is easy and simple to follow. The ingredients required are available at home. And the method ensures quick solution to the mustard problem.

Things that you will require:

·      Liquid dishwashing detergent
·      Warm & cold water
·      Empty bowl
·      Tooth brush
·      Cleaning towels
·      Butter knife

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   Scrape off the mustard on the surface of the stain by using the butter knife.

2.   Mix a quarter of tsp. of the liquid dishwashing detergent with a cup of warm water. Apply this mixture to the stained area.

3.   With the help of the tooth brush scrub the stain. Make sure the scrubbing is done inward i.e. towards the center of the stain. Scrub gently for 5 minutes.

4.   Now take the cleaning towel and lift off all the cleaning mixture from the surface. The lather produced will also have the mustard in it. Dip the cleaning cloth in cold water and reapply to the stained area of the carpet. Repeat till you have lifted most of the cleaning solution.

5.   Now put a cleaning towel on the stain and rub the surface of the stain with it. Leave it there for about 20 minutes so that it absorbs any residues from the cleaning solution. At this point the mustard stain removal will be complete and your carpet will be as good as new.


·      Always vacuum after the carpet has dried or in the process of drying. Vacuuming will ensure that the carpet’s original texture has been restored. It will also make sure that no residues of the products used are leftover in the fibers of the carpet.


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