How to remove Grease Stains from Cotton

Sometimes cleaning grease stains off the grills or stoves can be hard. If you are using a cotton cleaning towel, the grease and stains may remain on the cleaning towel even after washing it, making it impossible to be used again because the stickiness of the grease remains on the cotton and even after a number of washes it goes away, the stains remain. Rather than buying new cotton cleaning towels every time you clean your stove or grill, now you can reuse them by using a number of methods that have proved successful in removing grease stains.

Cotton cleaning towels aren’t the only cotton based item that can get affected by grease. While preparing food for a party, you can never be too careful. Your favorite cotton shirt might get ruined by grease if you are handling a grill or stove covered in it. The grease may be smeared off later, but it often leaves ugly looking stains. No one wants to get their favorite cotton clothes to look dirty by nasty grease stains, which is why the following methods will help you, get rid of the grease stains for good. You can go for any of the listed methods to get rid of grease stains.

Method 1

Things that you will require:

·      Dishwashing liquid
·      Baby powder
·      Toothbrush

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   Pour the liquid dishwasher on the grease stain. Make sure that the dishwasher is known for its property of removing grease.

2.   Soak the toothbrush with water and scrub the surface of the stain so that the dishwashing liquid can deeply seep into the cotton. Once lather develops leave it for about ten minutes.

3.   Take the baby powder and sprinkle it on the stain and leave it on for 2 or 3 hours. The powder will absorb the stain.

4.   Pour the dishwashing liquid on the stain once again ten minutes before putting it for washing.

Method 2

Things Required

·      Liquid dishwasher
·      WD-40
·      Spray bottle
·      Cleaning towel

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   Pour the WD-40 liquid into the spray bottle, which is enough to soak the stains on the cotton. Spray the liquid over the grease stain on your cotton clothes. Let the stain remain in the liquid for about five minutes.

2.   Pour some dishwashing liquid onto the stain. With the help of the cleaning towel, scrub the surface of the stain so that the dishwashing liquid soaks the stain deeply.

3.   Put the cotton into laundry and wash. This will completely remove the grease stain on your cotton shirt/trouser.

Method 3

Things that you will require:

·      White vinegar
·      Liquid detergent
·      A bowl of warm water
·      Empty bowl
·      Cleaning towel
·      Spray bottle

Steps that you will need to take:

1.   Take an empty bowl and mix one liter of warm water with two tbsp. of the liquid detergent and three tbsp. of white vinegar.

2.   Mix the solution and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the grease stain.

3.   Let it soak for 2 minutes and rub the stain.

4.   Dry the stain with the cleaning towel and wash the cotton in laundry. This method will clean up the grease stains on your clothes that are old and set in.


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