How To Remove Coffee Stains From Stainless Steel Thermos:

Coffee in a thermos remains warm for a longer time than mugs. Because of this reason we usually have to use them. Most of the people also take the coffee in the thermos to their work places in order to save the cost which they have to spend to buy the coffee there. However coffee can stain your thermos and make it ugly from inside. A stained thermos also changes the taste of the fresh coffee. And one more important thing is that stained thermos may lead to coffee poisoning which is a dangerous disease. So it is of prior importance to remove these stains. A few simple steps mentioned below can help you to remove these stains.You can adopt any one of the following methods for the stain removal.

Things you will be required

For Method 1:

·      Baking Soda
·      Tooth brush
·      Bottle brush

For Method 2:

·      Hydrogen peroxide
·      Baking Soda

Steps Required

For Method 1:

1.   Firstly rinse the thermos to remove all liquid coffee present in the thermos. You can also initially use detergent while rinsing with water,
2.   After rinsing, Pour 2 tea spoons of baking soda in the thermos. Now add warm water in the thermos until it is almost completely filled.
3.   Close the lid, shake it well and leave it for 30 minutes depending upon the level of stains.
4.   After that open the lid of the thermos. Brush it gently with bottle brush to remove all bottom stains.
5.   Rinse the thermos and use bottle brush along with to remove all the slippery feel of baking soda.
6.   Dry the thermos and now it is ready for use.
(If the bottom stains in the thermos are very stubborn and are not removed you can go for the method number 2)

For Method 2:

1.   If you haven’t applied the method 1 and directly applying the method 2, then firstly normal wash the thermos to remove all liquid material.

2.   Mix half cup of hydrogen peroxide with two tea spoons of baking soda. Pour it into the thermos, give it a soft shake and allowed it to stay for 30 minutes. This will possibly remove the bottom suborn stains.

3.   After that rinse it well.

4.   Repeat the procedure if the stains are still present.

Tips and Warnings:

1.   It is very important to keep coffee thermos clean. Dirty thermos may lead to coffee poisoning (a serious disease).

2.   Always wash the Thermos properly after using them. This will help to prevent stains to develop in future.


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