How to remove Tobacco Stains

            You might have heard people, doctors, advertisements, TV programs, movies, books, magazines and God knows what not else, telling you time and again that smoking is injurious to health. You hear this statement so often that it becomes a sort of cliché which is generally taken for granted until you end up with a severe case of lung cancer or some other malady. The fact of the matter is that this oft-repeated cliché comprises of hundred and ten percent of truth and it not only is injurious to health, rather its adverse effects are quite wide spread.

          If we slightly mold this statement or make different versions of it such as smoking is injurious to clothes, smoking is injurious to teeth, smoking is injurious to skin etc.; I don’t reckon I would be blamed for false assertions or even exaggerated ones. This is because tobacco leaves its negative impact on all of these things. Apart from the health hazards associated with tobacco, it can also boast of being a very potent staining agent, since it has the potential of leaving behind aggravating and humiliating stains on your skin, teeth, clothes etc.

If you happen to be a chain smoker, or even if you have left smoking now, still you would be well acquainted with these lasting impressions. The good news, however is that with the right tips, getting rid of these tobacco stains is not only possible, rather it is positively easy. Given below are some of these trust worthy and gratifying house hold remedies, which will ensure that all of these tobacco stains are taken care of and eventually are made to get out of your skin, clothes, teeth or any other substrate for that matter.

Method One (For Removal of Tobacco stains from Skin)

       If you smoke a lot or have been smoking a lot in the past, then you must be familiar with the dark yellowish, brown stains which taint the tips of your fingers. This is because cigarettes or rather tobacco comprises of nicotine, which reacts with the moisture of your skin and leaves behind its unsightly stains. To get rid of all such humiliating stains which brand your hands as those of a chain smoker, we provide you with the following effective remedies. These tips will ensure that you bid farewell to tobacco stains for good.

Things that you will require:

·      Bowl
·      Lemon juice
·      Pumice stone
·      Nail polish remover
·      Cotton balls

Steps that you need to take:

1.  First of all, you need to take some lemon juice in a bowl.

2.  Place your tobacco stained fingers in this lemon juice and allow them to stay there for almost five minutes. The citric acid of lemon juice would react with nicotine and thus prompt it to come off your fingers.

3.  Once you have soaked your fingers with tobacco stains on them for almost five minutes, take them out and start scrubbing them with a pumice stone. Since pumice stone can also damage and irritate your skin, therefore do not scrub too much or too harshly.

4.  Continue this process of soaking and scrubbing until the yellowish tobacco stains are completely removed from your fingers.

5.  If the stain is stubborn refuses to budge, despite the method elaborate above then you ought to take more drastic measures.

6.  Take hold of some cotton balls and nail polish remover. Moisten a cotton ball with this nail polish remover and rub the tobacco stain with this damp cotton ball.

7.  Continue rubbing until the stains are no longer visible.


        After treating your tobacco stained skin with these stain removal methods, wash your hands carefully to remove all traces of cleaning agents and then follow it by applying a thick layer of a good moisturizing lotion.

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Method Two (For Removal of Tobacco Stains from Teeth)

        If you are a regular smoker or have been smoking a lot in past, then you must be familiar with the shying away of people when they come across your brownish, tobacco stained teeth which are a directly corollary of your excessive intake of tobacco. Some stains on teeth can be very humiliating in public especially in places where your whole personality is evaluated such as during an interview etc. Yet you need not despair. Given below is an effective remedy which will take care of all such tobacco stains and make sure that your teeth appear glistening white.

Things that you will require:

·      Baking soda
·      Hydrogen per oxide
·      Tooth brush
·      Water
·      Whitening gels/whitening strips

Steps that you need to take:

1.  The method elaborated here is pretty effective and works well for the removal of almost all types of stains of teeth. It enables you to whiten and cleanse your teeth at home; however if the situation persists, then consider visiting a dentist.

2.  What you need to do here is take one part baking soda and one or two parts of hydrogen per oxide. Mix the two ingredients together and then apply this mixture onto your teeth. For the application of this mixture, either you can make use of your fingers or dip a wet toothbrush in it and then brush your teeth using this very tooth brush.

3.  Brush your teeth carefully and then rinse your mouth.

4.  Since baking soda is abrasive, therefore do not make use of this method too frequently. In the beginning, you can embark upon this tobacco stain removal twice a week and once the stain gradually begins to disappear, you can cut it down to once a week.

5.  If this method doesn’t work for you, then you can also try going for whitening gels or strips which are readily available at drug stores to get rid of tobacco stains from your teeth.

 Tips and Warnings:

1.  Since peroxide can be toxic, therefore you have to be extremely cautious while deploying this stain removal method.

2.  Adopting good teeth cleaning habits is the best way to get rid of tobacco stains. Make sure that you brush your teeth regularly. It is also recommended that you rinse your mouth after any intake of tobacco, so as to prevent tobacco particles from settling on your teeth and consequently staining them.

3.  Strawberries, apples, carrot and celery strengthen and whiten your teeth naturally.

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Method Three (For Removal of Tobacco stains from Clothes)

        If any tobacco ash drops on your clothes or even if they are exposed to heavy tobacco smoke for long, it is very probable that you might end up staining your clothes. The method given below is a remedy to all such unfortunate incidents and will enable you to get rid of all sorts of tobacco stains from your clothes satisfactorily.

Things that you will require:

·      Coconut oil
·      Liquid dry cleaning solution
·      Glycerin
·      Dish washing detergent
·      Water
·      Bottles
·      Sponge
·      Cotton pad
·      Vinegar

Steps that you need to take:

1.  There are different methods to treat various textures of fabrics and consequently to remove tobacco stains from them.

2.  In case of rayon, acrylic, spandex, nylon or polyester you will have to make a wet cleaning solution to remove tobacco stains satisfactorily. In order to make this cleaning solution, you will have to combine one part of coconut oil with eight parts of liquid dry cleaning solution.

3.  Mix all the described ingredients thoroughly in a bottle and then apply spot cleaner onto the tobacco stain with the help of a sponge. Work it onto the stain; yet make sure that you start working from outside of the stain towards it center, with gentle strokes.

4.  Next, pour a little vinegar onto the tobacco stained area and place a cotton pad onto it. The cotton pad will absorb all the stain remnants and thus consequently will lift it off the fabric.

5.  You can follow this step by laundering your garment like you usually do.

6.  In case of other fabrics which come with ‘a dry-cleaning tag’ only, you will have to make a dry spot cleaner. In order to make this cleaner, you will have to combine one part of glycerin with one part of dish washing detergent and eight parts of water.

7.  Mix all these ingredients thoroughly in a bottle and apply them onto the tobacco stain with the help of the sponge. The rest of the steps would be similar to the method elaborated above for rayon, acrylic, polyester and nylon.

8.  However, in this case you wouldn’t have to make use of vinegar. Simply allowing the dry spot cleaner to set in and then dabbing it would pull the magic strings.


Rubbing Alcohol can also be used to bid adieu to tobacco stains for good. There are numerous ways to battle tobacco stains from clothes. Click here to find out some.